A Necessary Heir
by lahilden
Published on September 15, 2010

 A Necessary Heir by Lori Hilden

A case of mistaken identity…

Shunned by the majority of people she meets due to her illegitimacy, Abigail Gibbons is grateful when she's summoned from school by the Earl of Waterford to become his wife's paid companion. But unbeknownst to Abigail, the earl passes, leaving Abigail's uncertain future in his grandson, Jackson Danvers, bone-meltingly handsome hands. Upon meeting Abigail, Jackson serves her the greatest insult by accusing her of being his late grandfather's paramour. The scoundrel! But Lady Waterford is sweet, and Abigail takes the needed position…earning her a constant viewing of the man who's hooded gazes and lingering stares have the ability to make her blood simmer with desire.

A switch at birth…

To procure himself a necessary heir, the late Earl of Waterford switched his granddaughter Abigail Gibbons for a baby boy, Jackson Sethos Rameses Danvers, the newly made Earl of Waterford. The same domineering man who falls hopelessly in love and marries his grandmother's too lovely companion―only to have her deceive him in the end.

A family secret revealed…

Through, society's censure, an attempt to end Abigail's life, a mother who believes siblings are about to wed, and Jackson finding out his life was made up of falsehoods, Abigail and Jackson's love triumphs over the challenges. The headstrong Abigail refuses to allow her one true chance at happiness to slip away without a battle, while Jackson discovers how everything pales in comparison to Abigail's love. He realizes he is the man Abigail deserves…a man who has nothing left to lose but his heart.