Tree of Life
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The tree of life is a worldly archetype seen in mythology, religion, and philosophy. To some the tree represents the phylogenetic trees showing the descent of evolution, as was widely spread by Charles Darwin in 1872. It is also viewed as the tree of knowledge, which connects heaven and earth, and thus connects all forms of creation. The tree of knowledge or the world or cosmic trees are often portrayed as the same tree.

The tree of life in biology serves as a metaphor that all of life is related by common descent. The evolutionary tree shows the relationships among biological groups, and relationships between organisms. Charles Darwin used the tree’s branching descent to explain his Theory of Evolution. In 2016, scientists unveiled a new tree of life. The researchers found that bacteria create most of life’s branches.

The tree of life is described in the Bible in the Book of Genesis and is portrayed as a tree of the knowledge of good or evil. The tree also appears in Proverbs and Revelation, but there are debates in religious communities as to if these trees are all the same tree. Ellen van Wolde, surveyed Biblical scholars in 1994, concluded that most pay attention to the tree of good and evil, whereas the tree of life rarely gets attention.  The tree serves as a symbolic connection to the Creator for Christians.

In Judaism, the tree represents sacred geometry and is a central mystical symbol used in the Kabbalah, it’s also known as the 10 Sephirot. Most explanations of Kabbalah begin and end with the tree of life. Kabbalah is an esoteric school of thought of ancient wisdom used to reach inner peace by becoming less egocentric.

In Hinduism, the Eternal Banyan Tree is mentioned in the ancient Indian texts. The tree represents the Divine Creator and symbolizes longevity. The banyan tree serves a great significance in Indian culture. Lord Krishna rested on the leaves of the tree, the immortal sage, Markandeya received a cosmic vision from the Lord, and Buddha is said to meditate for eternity beneath the banyan tree.

In spirituality, the cosmic world tree of life symbolizes wisdom. The mystic must climb the symbolic tree to understand the subconscious and beyond. The tree of life as a spiritual symbol can represent many things like wisdom, protection, strength, and beauty. The tree is said to encompass all realms of existence. One of the oldest accounts of the world tree comes from ancient Babylon around 3000-4000 B.C.

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil, an eternal ash tree represents the tree of life. The branches reach out over nine worlds and extend into the heavens. The first root is Asgard, the home of the gods.

In Ancient Egypt, the tree of life shows the order, process, and method of creation. The holy tree is called the sacred Ished tree, which is the persea tree. The persea tree is a fruit tree, similar to the avocado tree. The tree is mentioned in the legend of Osiris. The fruit symbolized the “sacred heart” of Horus and eating it was believed to give the person Eternal life and knowledge of the Divine plan. Symbolically the tree is also associated with the Bennu Bird and Djed mythologies. Later in Egypt’s history, due to the desiccation of the lands, the persea tree died out and its attributes were transferred to the sycamore tree. In Divine Legacy, book one in the Witches of Griffin series, which is not yet released, Kira Griffin is pulled into the magical portal of the sycamore tree.  Inside the tree, Kira finds herself in a higher dimensional realm, where the Great pyramids sit amongst lush vegetation and the surrounding energy revitalizes the human spiritual body.

The tree of life is a universal symbol that has been around since ancient times.  It is used in spiritual and religious traditions around the world. There is a tree of life that is visited by tourists today. This 400-year old tree is located in Bahrain. This lone tree is covered in green leaves and yet scientists speculate as to the trees water source. Some of the scientists claim that the tree must pull water from the nearest underground stream, which is two miles away. Some claim the tree has learned to pull moisture from the breezes in the Persian Gulf. Others say the tree is still growing in what was once the Garden of Eden and has a mystical water source.

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Schumann Resonances
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Schumann Resonances are global electromagnetic resonances in the space formed between the Earth’s surface and ionosphere. These resonances are always present, but are observed when excited by lightning. The resonances relate to electrical activity in our atmosphere and are measured in Hertz. This resonance is often referred to as Earth’s heartbeat and carries a main frequency of 7.83, which is the frequency of OM. The Schumann Frequency is the same frequency of the human brain in the alpha and theta states. In my novel Higher Resonance, the Griffin sisters must reinforce the energy grid around the planet before Earth’s pole shift. As a conscious shift is said to accompany a pole shift, the sisters must awaken the masses on the planet for the common good of all. This moment is viewed as a lifting of the veil, a molecular second coming of Christ, or the awakening.

Scientists report that the Earth’s magnetic field can affect the Schumann Resonance, and that it has been slowly awakening. (Forti) This shift in the magnetic field may indicate a coming pole shift. Here’s NASA’s take on Magnetic Pole Shifts.

In 2014, the Russian Space Observing System noticed a jump in the Schumann Resonance to 8.5 Hz, and they recorded days where it hit as high as 16.5 Hz. The 16.5 hertz is harmonic to the Solfeggio tone 528, which is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA. (It is also the frequency used to activate the 3rd eye.)

In February 2017, we had three straight days of 30+ Hz.

Many believe that the Schumann Resonances affect Earth’s magnetic fields and even human consciousness as these emerging resonances correlate to human brainwave activity. The center of the Heart Math Institute continues their ongoing research with the following hypotheses:

1  Human and animal health, cognitive functions, emotions and behavior are affected by solar, geomagnetic and other earth-related magnetic fields.

2  The earth’s magnetic field is a carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems.

3  Every person affects the global information field.

4  Collective human consciousness affects the global information field. Therefore, large numbers of people creating heart-centered states of care, love and compassion will generate a more coherent field environment that can benefit others and help offset the current planetary discord and incoherence.

In my novel, Higher Resonance, this higher level of understanding and awakening is what the Griffin sisters are endeavoring to initiate on a global scale. If Gaia (Mother Earth) is shifting her vibrational frequency, than is it not likely we will need to do the same?  Increases in frequency through gamma brain waves are believed to create an increase in consciousness by stimulating the human brain. The higher frequency correlates to an inner awareness, allowing us to feel copious amounts of love and compassion, which is truly needed to create a heaven on Earth.

Here’s a video of Gregg Braden, an Engineer, speaking of the magnetic field, the Schumann Resonance, the Pole Shift, and how it may affect us.

Schumann Resonances can be observed at around 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 hertz, with a daily variation of about ± 0.5 hertz, which is caused by the daily increase and decrease in the ionization of the ionosphere due to UV radiation from the sun. The Schumann Resonance is not constant. It is also important to mention that HAARP and other programs are likely trying to weaponize weather conditions as they conducts their own tests by trying to raise the Schumann Resonances. This often non-disclosed tampering has brought about a no HAARP movement. NASA’s Spacecraft are equipped with a device that naturally stimulates the Schumann Resonance frequency.  They found that astronauts would become disoriented and distressed when cut off from the Schumann Resonances as human beings depend upon it.

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St. Germain and the Violet Flame
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St. Germain is a legendary spiritual master of ancient wisdom. He is one of the Great Ascended Masters of love and light, which is why he plays a role in my new novel Higher Resonance. In my novel, St. Germain helps the Griffin sisters save the world by increasing Earth and human energy vibrations, while warding off an alien invasion with the planet’s coming pole shift. St. Germain is said to be the guiding light for humanity and serves as an avatar for the dawning Age of Aquarius. He is a master alchemist of the sacred violet flame, which can be used to transmute the world. He is the hierarch of the Aquarian Age, which is the age that we are currently transitioning into, which from an astrological viewpoint means false beliefs we have held onto for the past 2000 years will fall away, while truth and knowing will be revealed as we move toward true equality. It is believed that during this time many will come to see that God dwells within them and become more self-aware, doing away with the sheeple mentality. No one will be exempt from this conscious shift toward unity during the Golden Age of Aquarius. St. Germain is said to lead us into the 5th dimensional Earth by giving us the ascension tools necessary.  He believes no soul should be left behind.

The violet flame is believed to be a Divine gift to be utilized by all inhabiting this planet. It is spiritual alchemy in action and holds the qualities of mercy, freedom, forgiveness, and transmutation. Alchemy is said to turn lead into gold, thus the violet flame turns the human soul into the Divine soul by transmuting the denser darker energies that fill our planet and us, into a higher vibrational frequency. It is the alchemy of self-transformation. Everyone is creating vibration and form through individual consciousness at every second. The high vibration of the violet flame penetrates our nervous system, our heart, and our entire being in all aspects - physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. The flame can accelerate spiritual growth, which activates your DNA. When done correctly, you may feel this healing energy fill your body with heat.

Violet has the highest frequency in the visible color spectrum and serves as a point of transition to the next octave of light. Amethyst gemstones and the color purple have been used throughout the ages for healing and religious ceremony.  Bernard Jensen, renowned pioneer of research in the healing arts, specializes in iridology color therapy. Jensen found the violet light activates the pituitary gland. This higher frequency prepares us for our ascension into a higher dimension and can be utilized by anyone. It is merely a matter of opening your heart chakra and setting your intent to fill yourself with the violet flame you visualize. Ask this healing energy to transmute all negativity in your life and to raise the vibrations of Earth and her inhabitants. Saints and like-minded individuals have used the violet flame throughout the ages. Ascended masters like St. Germain, Jesus, and Buddha have already walked the Earth and balanced their karma. They fulfilled their reason for being. They have reunited with the God Source and return to various people on Earth in various forms to assist as much as they can. The violet flame does not simply surround the negative energy you carry, but transforms it into light.

In physics, vibration is the speed in which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration is understood by the speed the electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. Atoms are mostly empty space and where this space resides negative energy can become stuck, clogging the atoms and auras of our physical and spiritual bodies. The violet light transforms this density within the atom, causing the electrons to whirl faster and your vibration to rise. When spirit energy can move freely throughout your body, you reestablish harmony and maintain optimal health.

In past lives scenarios, St. Germain was believed to have been a high priest and healer in Atlantis. I’ve read that St. Germain was the legendary Merlin as well as having the role of Jesus’ father, Joseph. As Count St. Germain he was known as the “Wonderman of Europe.” (You can read further about his other lives here: )

Count St. Germain allegedly lived around 1710-1935, but there is no record of his birth or death. He is a recurring figure in Theosophy, occultism, and esoteric groups. His origin is unknown and he later disappeared without a trace. The Roman Catholic Church never sainted Count St. Germain, the St. is said to represent his alleged homeland. He never spoke to anyone regarding his true identity. French philosopher, Voltaire, sarcastically dubbed him the “Wonderman of Europe” because Count St. Germain appeared to be everywhere and he was highly visible and invisible in the royal courts. Count St. Germain spoke at least twelve languages fluently so that everywhere he went he was accepted as a native. Wherever he traveled he charmed the European leaders. He was known as a great philosopher, diplomat, scientist, healer, Freemason, artist, and musician. He wished to liberate God’s people from karma and negativity. Voltaire, described the Comte de St. Germain as, “the man who never dies and knows everything.” Count St. Germain was a known alchemist and famous for removing flaws from diamonds, if he was able to change base metals into gold, he knew better than to speak about it. Alchemists were believed to have this ability to change atoms of one element to become atoms of another. The purpose of alchemy in life is to purify the soul to become closer to God.

St. Germain is part of the master plan, the second molecular coming, and has been involved in the Earth mission for eons. New Age beliefs regard him as the Master of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Flame. The Seven Rays are seven metaphysical principles that govern both individual souls and the entirety of all who inhabit Earth. These colorful rays are said to be made of a crystalline structure with each resonating at a different tone, frequency, and vibration. According to Theosophy, the next Astrological Age is Aquarius, which is governed by the Seventh Ray. It is this purple ring of light in Earth’s protection grid that the Griffin sisters must amplify with the help of Earth’s people.

The violet flame is a spiritual tool that is easily invoked through a decree, which is a form of prayer that utilizes visualization and meditation. As I mentioned in previous posts, I have participated in many Violet Flame meditations and found each one enlightening. The decree is simple; “I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires.” Repeating the decree, opening your heart chakra, and visualization will increase the flames power and draw more of this healing light to you. The more you use the violet flame, the more positivity you will bring into your life.

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Earth’s Energy Grid and Vortices
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In Higher Resonance, book three in my Witches of Griffin series, the sisters find themselves tasked with reenergizing Earth’s protective and conscious grid surrounding the planet.  They must gather the masses along vortices for the common good of man and participate in raising Earth’s vibrations to bring about human evolution, which will end with humanity leaving the third dimensional Earth and moving higher into the fifth dimensional Earth, where duality and negativity cease to exist.  To accomplish this, the ladies must bring in the energy of the violet flame from the energy grid.  This is a purifying energy that transmutes denser energies and connects people with aspects of their higher self.  This energy will in turn cause a great awakening as humans return to Christ Consciousness.  The Keeper of the violet flame is Saint Germain, a master alchemist of the sacred fire.  I have participated in many violet flame meditations as this energy aids personal and planetary healing.  This purple Source light moves through denser energies, transmuting the negative into light.  The Griffin Sisters must help the world prepare for this energy, which is needed to survive Earth’s coming pole shift.

The planetary Energetic Grid operates through geometric patterns found in sacred geometry.  This energy gird is said to be crystalline in structure and forms a matrix around Earth.  The grid holds ley lines and where these lines intersect there are high amounts of energy.  There are sacred structures located in some of these areas as the ancient world often constructed monoliths to connect to the natural world.  Source energy is said to be stronger felt in these areas.  The energy grid balances and regulates Earth’s electromagnetic fields to stabilize the planet.

There are seven major vortices on Earth that coordinate with the seven major chakras in the human body, although they can vary depending on culture and belief.  Vortices are points where high amounts of spiraling energy reaches upward and outward.  Ley lines link these hot spots.  Vortices can be volcanoes, mountains, hot springs, mineral deposits, outcroppings, deserts, and locations beneath the oceans.  According to Edgar Cayce’s channelings, crystals can be used to balance these energies to help maintain stability on Earth.

The human body is a great receiver as it can detect things that machines and technologies cannot, since we have the ability to feel emotion and consciousness.  Scientists have found that humans and animals react to Earth’s energies through the electromagnetic fields and ley lines.  And NASA has proved the human energy field is tuned to certain Earth Waves.  A Biometre device measures the energy ley lines release on a Bovis scale.  A healthy person releases 6,500 Bovis, which is equal to 250 Mill volts, while a sick person was found to have less.  On this same scale, the sound of church bells and prayer are said to produce over 11,000 Bovis.  The “OM” sound emanates over 40,000 Bovis, which is impressive, since this sound also stimulates the pineal gland or third eye.

Below are seven major vortices located around the world.

Mount Shasta (Root Chakra) is located in California in the United States and it is where Earth’s kundalini currently resides.  Mt Shasta co-creates an energetic Verica Pisces with the Sedona Vortex.  These two locations connect and share a line of energy, and when combined with Earth’s electromagnetic fields, it causes the location between them to resonate at 33 cycles per second according to the Schumann Resonance on the Hertz scale of frequencies.

Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu (Sacral Chakra) on the border of Bolivia and Peru has energy that is said to give clarity and direction for everlasting life.

Uluru-Katatjuta (Solar Plexus Chakra) is located in Australia. There are a number of massive red stones in this location, where wisdom is delivered to humanity through a ley artery called the Rainbow Snake.  Legends claim this rainbow snake will help to unite the Sun with the Earth with the coming pole shift.

Glastonbury and Shaftsbury (Heart Chakra) are located in England. Legend claims this powerful energy has the ability to dissolve pain and suffering throughout the world.

Great Pyramid of Egypt (Throat Chakra) is one of the few artificial Earth chakras.  Legends claim the pyramid released great Source energy that brought people to the structure from miles away.

Kuh-e Malek Siah (Third Eye Chakra) on the border of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. The energy said to surround this area speaks of the revolutionary truth of immortality.

Mount Kailas (Crown Chakra) in the Himalyan Mountains in Tibet also carries a vortex that is said to allow a person inner insight and the ability to gaze into other dimensions.

Sedona Arizona in the United States is said to help balance the energy grid of the planet.  This area is known as a powerful point for inter-dimensional connection.

Like human chakras, the Earth chakras can also become blocked. Grounding yourself to Earth’s energies helps to maintain balance and connection. According to the Schumann Resonance, Earth’s energy field has a normal range of 7.8 Hz, this borders the same state our bodies have when we are in the Alpha or Theta states.  This is the state of meditation, where calmness and relaxation exist and where a person can find intuition and inspiration to enhance mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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Lighthouse of Alexandria
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I am currently working on book three in the Witches of Griffin series called Higher Resonance.  This is a fantasy novel that includes time travel, sacred teachings, magic, evolution, and love.  The Griffin sisters are lightworkers who are under the guidance of the goddess Isis.  They are on this planet to assist Earth and humanity to evolve into a higher consciousness.  They must ready humans to enter a higher dimension of reality with the coming of the New Earth.  In Higher Resonance the sisters travel back to 31 BC Alexandria, Egypt to visit their many greats-grandmother Cleopatra VII.  Cleopatra gifts them with further sacred knowledge and transfers her Source energy to the triplet sisters.  This increase in energy changes vibration patterns and coding in the sisters DNA, which in turn is necessary for them to fight off an alien invasion.  They also find themselves reinforcing the Earth’s energy grid of protection for the inevitable pole shift Earth will undergo.  As the Lighthouse of Alexandria would have stood at the time the sisters visit ancient Egypt, I decided to research the structure to help create the background scenes in my mind.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also called the Pharaoh’s Lighthouse, is one of the most famous lighthouses in history and considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  The lighthouse was constructed in the 3rd century BC on Pharos Island, located on the western edge of the Nile Delta.  It is considered another ancient Egyptian marvel of engineering as the lighthouse stood a whopping 40 stories tall with stones weighing as much as 75 tons.

Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria in 332 BC and died from a fever in 323 BC.  With his death, Ptolemy I Soter announced himself king in 305 BC and ordered construction of the lighthouse.  Alexandria’s Lighthouse was designed by Sostratus of Cnidus, perhaps to serve as a kingly symbol for Ptolemy I Soter.  The lighthouse importantly served to bring ships and wealth into the busy harbor.  The lighthouse took twelve years to complete and was used as a prototype for lighthouses around the world.  The building was completed during the reign of Ptolemy II.  The lighthouse underwent repairs several times due to pounding waves from the sea and earthquake damage, but eventually it fell into ruin and what remained disappeared in 1480 AD.  The sultan of Egypt, Qaitbat, built a medieval fort on the island’s platform using the old stone from the lighthouse.  It is called the Citadel of Qaitbay and currently serves as a Maritime Museum.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the tallest building in existence at the time, with the exception of the Great Pyramid, and is estimated to have cost an amount that is equal to about three million dollars today.

To produce light from the lighthouse a furnace was installed at the top of the tower that reflected off a large curved mirror, possibly made from bronze.  The light was said to have been seen from as faraway as one hundred miles.  There is also a legend that this bronze disk could be used as a weapon and set enemy ships in the harbor aflame with the concentration of the sun.  There was a dumbwaiter shaft inside the lighthouse, which transferred fuel from the bottom to the top of the tower.  The lighthouse had staircases so the keeper could make their way to the beacon chamber.  The majority of the tower was built with solid blocks of limestone, with “three tapering tiers, a lower square section with a central core, a middle octagonal section, and a circular section at the top.”  It was surrounded by statuary of tritons on each of the four corners of the roof on the lowest level.  A statue of Poseidon stood at the top of the tower during the Roman Period.  It is believed that the lighthouse served as a tourist attraction with food venders on the observation platform, which was located at the top of the first level.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria stood tall for over 1500 years.  The earthquake of 1303 AD was the lighthouse’s undoing, with its final collapse occurring in 1375 AD.  Ruins remained on the site until 1480 AD when the stones were used to build the citadel.  Much of the Pharaoh’s Lighthouse lies at the bottom Mediterranean Sea, which is now an underwater archaeological park.  Among the 50 to 75 ton stones found underwater, there was also a treasure trove of statuary.  A colossal statue of a king dating to the 3rd century, perhaps representing Ptolemy II was found with several stone sphinxes, columns, fragments of obelisks, and a statue of the goddess Isis.  These pieces are on display at an open-air museum in Alexandria.

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Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite eras to study, which is one of the many reasons I love writing my Witches of Griffin series.  In book three, Higher Resonance, the sisters must travel back to 31 B.C. to meet their many Great’s-Grandmother Cleopatra, pharaoh of Egypt.  Since obelisks were predominant in the architecture of ancient Egypt I decided to delve further into the symbolism and possible use behind these huge stone columns.

Obelisks are usually made of stone, have a square or rectangular cross section, and four sides that narrow toward the pyramidal top. The ancient Egyptians called them tekhenu, but this word was translated to Greek, then Latin, and eventually English to become obelisk. The prototype obelisks were called benben stones.

Benben Stone

Ancient obelisks are monolithic, meaning they consist of a single stone. This of course made them extremely heavy as the stones often weighed hundred of tons. The technology the ancients used to lift these stones into place and how they were able to shape the hard substance of granite with rudimentary tools that were made from softer metals like copper, remains a mystery.  It’s hard to imagine people moving a hundred foot stone column that weighs 400 tons from a quarry to a temple entrance usually located miles away.  Modern obelisks are usually made with several stones, these are not considered true obelisks, but they are shaped the same.

For the Egyptians, the obelisk symbolized the sun god Ra, the creator of humanity. Some ancients believed that gods existed within the stone monolith itself. The Egyptians placed the obelisks in pairs at the entrances of their temples. These obelisks were often topped with gold or a natural gold and silver alloy called electrum. This substance was used to capture the rays of the sun god.  The obelisk symbolized a ray of the sun’s light that disperses negative energy.  Hieroglyphs often cover these mammoth columns celebrating the lives and wars of the pharaoh who commissioned them.

The Luxor 

The Luxor obelisk stands over 75 feet high at the center of Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. This yellow granite obelisk is 3300 years old and had at one time marked the entrance to the Temple of Thebes in Egypt. The hieroglyphs exalt the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II. The matching obelisk still stands in its original place in front of the Luxor Temple.

Cleopatra’s Needle

Cleopatra’s Needle is one of a pair of red granite obelisks believed to have been built upon the banks of the Nile in 1450 B.C. and moved to Alexandria in 18 A.D.  One was moved to London in 1878, while the other was re-erected in Central Park in New York City in 1880. The Central Park monument was not named after the well-known Ptolemaic Pharaoh Cleopatra VII, as the obelisks were already 1000 years old by the time she reigned. These obelisks are believed to have been constructed during the reign of another female pharaoh, Hatshepsut; they stand 69 feet tall, weigh about 224 tons, and are inscribed with hieroglyphs commemorating Ramses II’s military victories.

Vatican Obelisk

In front of the Vatican is a 4000-year-old obelisk that once stood at the entrance of a pagan temple. It is the largest non-inscribed obelisk to leave Egypt. There were a number of Egyptian obelisks brought to Rome by various emperors throughout history, and yet this is the only one to remain standing since Roman times. This particular red granite obelisk stands 83 feet high, weighs 320 tons, and was brought to Rome in 37 A.D. by Gaius Caligula who originally re-erected the obelisk in his garden.  In 1586, Pope Sixtus V took on the painstaking task of having the obelisk moved to stand in Saint Peter’s Square, which took 13 months to accomplish.

Washington Obelisk

The Washington Monument is an example of a modern obelisk made from several stones and is considered the tallest in the world.  It was built in Washington D.C. to honor the first United States President, George Washington.  The obelisk is made of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss. The work on this 555 feet towering obelisk began in 1848 when the Freemasons, an organization to which Washington belonged, (Washington was a Master Mason) laid the first cornerstone. The monument was completed in two construction phases and was not finished until 1884.

Like the Ancient Egyptians, Washington believed in the use of sacred geometry.  All pillars were considered sacred as they symbolize death and rebirth.  To attribute them to Satan is sheer silliness in my opinion.  Nevertheless, there are many who see the obelisk as a Freemason occult symbol.  While others view the obelisk as a phallic symbol representing the Egyptian god Osiris, god of the dead, ruler of the underworld, and father of Horus who was restored of his body by his wife/sister Isis.  I tend to view the obelisk as a symbol of enlightenment as we continue to try and reach the pinnacle of ascension to reunite with the Creator.

According to archeologists and Ancient Alien theorists around the world, the technology the ancients used to build and place the obelisks, as well as build the pyramids, is not known to us. How did the ancients manage to move and transport the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon, which weighs over 4.5 million pounds? Ancient Alien Theorists point to beings of higher consciousness and vibrational energy as the constructors of these mammoth structures.  Using superior technology or even mind thought control to build and position the obelisks and pyramids construction.  Archeologists continue to search for signs of diamond circular saw cutting capabilities, but diamonds shards have yet to be found in Egypt.  Some modern archeologists claim the Great Pyramid looks to be built from the top down.  How in the world is that done?  To this day archeologists and engineers insist we cannot, even with our current technology, rebuild the Great Pyramid, let alone build it with the same precise geometric accuracy to reach the golden ratio of Phi.  Perhaps the ancients had machines not known to us and their amazing technology completely disappeared from record and the planet, or perhaps the space ship hieroglyphs found on the walls in ancient Egypt are just what they appear to be and the humans had help from otherworldly beings since the beginning of life on Earth.

Many believe that the granite obelisks, like the pyramids, may have been a part of some integral power system as the stones contain a quartz crystalline structure.  According to the physicist at Aleph Healing, “a crystal lattice is balanced and orderly, the energy it emits is consistent and when dissonant energy is inputted, it is balanced and transformed into harmonic energy.”  Thus the obelisks could have served to rid areas of negative energy and perhaps were even strategically placed around the Earth to balance and restore the atmosphere. Silicon is used in all computer and cell phone processors, while liquid crystals make up the display screens on our modern day gadgets.  Quartz is a silicon type material and is also used in watches and clocks to help them maintain time, the quartz helps stabilize and regulate the flow of energy.  When thinking about the energy that could have been derived from the crystalline structures in the stones, the ancient Egyptian Dendera Bulb comes to mind.

Dendera Bulb

In the hieroglyph above, this odd looking bulb looks to be plugged into some kind of power source.  It is possible our ancestors knew how to generate power and to receive knowledge and technology from otherworldly sources using crystalline energy?  For now this remains a mystery.  Egyptian obelisks were a common gift to other countries.  Today, ancient obelisks are found in Egypt, France, England, Turkey, Argentina, Italy, Vatican City, the United States, and more.


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I have put the final touches to Divine Legacy, book one in my Witches of Griffin series.  The triplet Griffin sisters carry a higher energy vibration and consciousness when compared to normal humans and are on this planet to transmute negative energy to positive.  They carry the ability to travel to other time periods and dimensions, fighting demons from the astral world and aliens from other universes.  While researching this book I was looking for a vehicle of transport, a spiritual connection and link to travel to other places in the universe.  This is where the Merkaba comes into play.

According to the Hebrews and esoteric teachings, the Merkaba is a divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect to those in the higher realms.  Legends claim that the aliens who destroyed their planet of Mars came to Earth and lived with the Atlantean Naacals. (Naacals are considered one of the first alien beings to be human, they were at one with the Creator, allowing them the ability of telekinesis, extra sensory perception, an open third eye, immortality, and the ability to create whatever they wanted by thought.) The Martians, with their need for power and greed, tried to create a synthetic Merkaba for traveling the universe and instead created an inter-dimensional tear.  It is said that the Naacals fixed the tear by creating an energy grid of protection around the Earth, thus enabling humans to find the path back to Christ Consciousness.

The ancient Egyptians referred to the Mer-Ka-Ba as three words. This ancient wisdom was taught for thousands of years.

References to this light chariot or chariot of fire are found in the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament of the Bible, and in literature mostly composed in Israel between 200-700 A.D., although there is also literature from the Middle Ages mentioning the chariot. The Torah references the Merkaba with two meanings, one of the chariot and the other the Throne of God.  The Merkaba is mentioned in the Book of Enoch, Torah, Korana, and Course of Miracles.

A Merkaba is a star tetrahedron.  It is a three-dimensional 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up and the other down.  It is extremely complex and carries five platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons.  It is believed to allow the soul to travel in different dimensions, parallel universes, and astral planes, and can change from electro magnetic to whatever is needed. Mer means light, the Ka represents the spirit, while the Ba represents the body.  The word means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, described as wheels inside of wheels of spiraling energy.  Technically the Merkaba is an electro magnetic field that is geometric in nature holding true to sacred geometry, which is the creation pattern found in all things. It is believed that everyone has a Merkaba around the human body that lays dormant until the person undergoes an awakening and remembers that the Merkaba is there.  The Merkaba sits outside the aura.  The human aura usually expands 6-36 inches from the body.  Our etheric field sits beyond that, while we have another immense energy field that can reach out to 55 feet and is shaped like a saucer when fully energized.  This is the Merkaba.  If you don’t have a high enough energy vibration to use the vehicle it remains nonfunctional until the time is right.  Many believe it can be activated through meditation.  Amazingly when the Merkaba is activated an electro magnetic change happens, creating a light disc of energy near the base of the spine that expands to a 27-30 feet radius around the person.  I have read that this disc can be seen by modern day science and seen on computer screens via satellite by the U.S Air force, but I’ve yet to find sufficient evidence to back up the Air Force claim. It is said millions have activated their Merkaba as more are becoming aware of its existence.

According to esoteric scientists, when you are linked to your Merkaba you tap into Source energy and become locked into the Earth’s matrix’s.  It is said your DNA is fully turned on and you now carry the ability for immortality, time travel, and expanding your awareness. You then carry the ability to heal yourself, which of course would be beyond amazing.  Many in the spiritual community claim that the Merkaba is being remembered because it is time for it to be remembered.

According to scientists who study the Schumann frequency, the Earth is shifting vibration, it was vibrating steadily around 7.8 hertz for thousands of years (the frequency of OM) and around the 1980’s it began to speed up. In 2014, the vibrations were at 8.5 hertz, with days vibrating at an acceleration rate of 16.5 hertz. Many scientists believe at some point the Earth will stop rotating on its axis and will remain that way for about three days until it begins to spin in the opposite direction, which will reverse the magnetic field. Scientists are unclear what will happen at that point.

NASA claims Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.  They are considered the heartbeat of Earth.  Schumann’s frequency is said to be in tune with the human brain’s alpha and theta states.  The 16.5 hertz is harmonic to the Solfeggio tone 528, which is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA. (It is also the frequency used to activate the 3rd eye.)  Perhaps the resonance of the 528 harmonic means our DNA is repairing itself with the help from Earth’s raising vibrations. Many believe consciousness has begun to grow to transport the human awareness from the 3rd dimension into a higher dimensional Earth.  Perhaps like Mother Earth we are also shifting our vibrations into a state of Awakening. The energy grid many believed was placed around the Earth by the Ancient Ones to block our primordial memories is said to be fading.  Scientists are reporting that the magnetic field of protection that shields the Earth from space radiation has been weakening for the past 2000 years, and even faster within recent years, and yet no one knows why. Many are experiencing symptoms as our bodies align with Earth’s shift, these symptoms include tiredness, depression, and dizziness, which is why it’s important to try and raise your own vibrational frequencies with positive thoughts and actions and spending time in nature. There are special meditations you can do to activate the Merkaba, but with everything in life intent is key to opening yourself to this energy.

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The Seven Hermetic Principles of Truth
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The seven Hermetic Principles are the basis for Hermetic philosophy and are defined in The Kybalion, which is a study of the famous sacred Hermetic texts done by the “Three Initiates.” Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Thoth, is said to have lived in Atlantis and Ancient Kemet (Egypt). He was considered otherworldly and had a longer lifespan compared to the humans he taught. Thoth brought science, geometry, architecture, and hieroglyphs to the people. Impressed by his abilities the Egyptians revered him so highly he became one of their gods. It was the Greeks who gave Thoth the name Hermes as he was considered a God of Wisdom and a messenger from the Creator. Hermes is often shown with the caduceus, a symbol of medical knowledge, while the wings symbolize the higher plane of knowing. These seven hermetic laws are said to govern mankind and the universe. Many believe that understanding these principles can lead to a new understanding of life and world around you.

These Hermetic teachings are found around the world and in all religions. The seven principles have universal appeal. The first three laws are immutable, meaning they are absolute and can never be changed. They have always been in existence and will continue to be. The other four laws are mutable, meaning they can be transcended or used to create your ideal reality.

Principle of Mentalism - is an understanding that everything in the universe is created by the thought mind. The universe was created by thought done by the Creator. As God’s children we create our physical and mental reality with the power of thought.  All is energy.

Principle of Correspondence –This is where the Hermetic expression “as above so below” comes from. Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world. We attract and manifest what we hold in our conscious and subconscious minds, which can be good or bad. Simply put, if you don’t believe you will succeed then you won’t. Energy follows thought. Believe in yourself.

Principle of Vibration
– Everything is in constant movement with varying degrees of vibration. Every molecule and atom vibrates in certain motion, speed, frequency, and vibration. These varying frequencies give objects, physical or metaphysical, their form. Nothing is at rest. Work to control your mental vibrations. Focus your intentions and dream big.

Principle of Polarity – everything has a duality. This is the principle and natural law of opposites. Light and dark, hot and cold, good and bad, they are identical in nature but vary in degrees. From this principle we are to understand that the lower self can transform to the higher self.

Principle of Rhythm – there is an ebb and flow in the universe. Our lives are often filled with emotional ups and downs. The key is to reach a state of consciousness that brings about inner peace, happiness, divine indifference, and balance regardless of circumstances. You won’t get caught up in the swinging pendulum if you project objectivity and neutrality. Detach from the chaos and embrace the knowing.  Your happiness is determined by you.

Principle of Cause and Effect - for every action there is a reaction.  Everything happens according to the Laws of Nature (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual laws).  There are no accidents in the universe. The objective is to understand this law to avoid accumulating karma while on this plane. There are seven dimensions of reality where causations can occur. To avoid karma you must rise to a higher plane of consciousness. Become the master of your mind and master your emotions.  Yes, thinking happy thoughts as the lost boys told Peter Pan to do in Hook works to raise your vibration levels. Ignore the ego and hold God, love, and peace in our thoughts.

Principle of Gender – everything has masculine and feminine principles. The yin and yang of life. We are born a certain sex but psychologically each person is androgynous and carries qualities from each sex. Spirituality is a path to balance all things in life. Too much of a good thing is not always good for you. The path to God is not one of self-indulgence. You have to balance the masculine and feminine within yourself, balance the ego and balance the body’s energy chakras.

The more a person puts these laws into practice the more natural it becomes, in turn making it easier to retain balance in life.  To know the Creator, we must understand the Divine’s laws. These 7 principles are believed to open your insight to a deeper spiritual meaning of reality.

I decided to write about these laws as I continue to delve deeper into my research of Ancient Egypt and Thoth.  In my Witches of Griffin series, the three sister travel back in time to visit with their many greats grandmother Cleopatra, Egyptian pharaoh and daughter of Isis.  The Griffin sisters have to prepare others for the New Earth that resides in the 5th dimension and who better to give them advice than the Ancient Atlantean Priest Thoth.


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Axis Mundi
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The axis mundi is found in various religious beliefs and philosophies around the world and refers to the center of the world where Heaven and Earth connect.  It is Latin for “the Axis of the Universe.”  This axis serves as a celestial and geographic pole; the connection between sky and earth where the four compass directions meet.

The symbols used to represent the axis mundi vary by culture, but some of its forms are natural objects like trees and mountains, while others are manmade like the totem pole, a staff, or a church steeple.  When examining the iconography of the cosmic tree, the branches represent the sky, the earth is the trunk, and the roots the underworld, which depicts all the dimensions.  The Sioux Indians considered the Black Hills to be the axis (the world’s center), while the Tibetan and Hinduism religions have Mount Kailash.  There can be several axis mundi locations within the same belief system.  The Chakra system recognized by the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, merged the concept of the human body as the pillar between heaven and earth. Yoga and Tai Chi originated from the concept of the human body serving as the axis mundi.

Jerusalem serves as an axis mundi for Christianity and Judaism, although the temple has been gone for 2000 years.  The Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico served as the axis mundi for the ancient Teotihuacan culture.

A practice used by Shamans is to traverse the axis mundi to access the knowledge needed for healing others.  The axis mundi is said to be the central pathway connecting the upper, middle, and lower world, along with the four dimensions, allowing the healer to travel to other realms. The axis mundi connects universal consciousness.  The shamans are said to release themselves from ego and enter the hypnotic state necessary to astral travel to another realm.  According to H.S. Webb in Exploring Shamanism: Using Ancient Rites to Discover the Unlimited Healing Powers of Cosmos and Consciousness, “In this space, a cancerous tumor can shrink and disappear in moments.  In this space, the shaman can see the location of a missing child.”  I have had personal experiences with shamans and admire their healing gifts and amazing insights.

The Buddha also represents the axis mundi, along with the Bodhi Tree under which he sat to gain his knowledge.  The tree is considered to be a reconciliation of macrocosm and microcosm.

The locations where axis mundi’s are present were called Omphalos by the ancient Greek, which means navel. The ancient Greeks had several axis mundi sites, perhaps the most notable is the Oracle at Delphi. Since ancient times people have spoken of coming into contact with these cosmic poles where they were transported to a different realm and returned with knowledge.  An axis mundi is said to be the place where communication can take place.

Here is the citadel of Machu Picchu in Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire and the “World’s Navel” (axis mundi) for its people.

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Pineal Gland
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In Securing Sanctuary, book two in my Witches of Griffin series, the sisters not only carry the ability to travel through time, they also project themselves into the astral plane.  Since I was delving deeper into my ancient Egyptian studies I thought to do a blog on the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is a dime size conical endocrine gland located between the hemispheres of the brain that produces melatonin.  Melatonin is a serotonin hormone that affects sleep patterns and photoperiodic (seasonal) functions.  The pineal gland resembles a small pinecone and is an important part of the nervous system.  Nearly all vertebrates have a pineal gland as the organ regulates your sleep-wake patterns, which determines your hormone and stress levels as well as your physical performance.  Unlike the rest of the brain, the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system.  It receives a higher percentage of blood flow than any other area in the body aside from the kidneys.  The gland appears in literature of the history of anatomy in the 2nd century.  The pineal gland is often represented as a pinecone, the pinecone’s spine spiral connecting it with the perfect Fibonacci sequence.  (See Blog on Sacred Geometry

The pinecone is from a conifer tree, the most ancient trees on the planet, and has served as a symbol for higher enlightenment and eternal life since ancient times.  The pinecone-pineal gland is a sacred symbol seen throughout history in cultures around the world.  It was even called the “seat of the soul” by the famous 17th century French philosopher Descartes.  Pinecones in art and architecture represented the highest degree of spiritual illumination possible while in the human body.  The third eye is said to act as a spiritual antenna; a vestigial eye that serves as a gateway to all realms and dimensions.  The pineal gland is seen by many as a doorway into the unconscious mind that brings your 6th sense in tune, making you more aware of your surroundings and things not seen by the human eye.

The pineal gland serving as your third eye has been depicted from ancient times.  The pinecone symbol is seen in ancient Indonesia, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and more.  They appear in drawings of esoteric traditions like the Freemasonry, Gnostism, Theosophy, Qabalistic, and esoteric Christianity.  The Shiva and the Cyclops are depicted with three-eyes.  The Greeks and Romans claimed the pineal gland the spiritual engine of our evolution into beings of consciousness and matter.  The ancient Egyptians were master alchemists, scientists, and Gnostics who used the Eye of Horus to represent the importance of this gland that connected to the soul.  The cobra headdress often found in ancient Egypt has the snake serving as the third eye.

The Buddha is often depicted with the top of his head as a pinecone and shown with the third eye dot on the forehead.  Jesus said in Matthew 6:22 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”  Jesus taught that God was found within.  It’s important to note that awakening the third eye was banned by the church, and yet safeguarded by secret societies.  The forefathers and freemasons of the United States knew enough about the third eye to add the “all seeing eye” to the dollar bill.  Of course the eye is placed atop of the great pyramid on the dollar, taking the place of the missing capstone.

The pope carries the pinecone staff, while the Vatican is filled with symbols of the pinecone.  The abundance of this symbol perhaps signals the importance of this type of spiritual awakening.

The Staff of Osiris from ancient Egypt depicts two intertwining serpents, (kundalini energy) rising up to meet the pinecone (third eye) and dates back to 1224 B.C.

Famous Greek Philosopher Plato referred to the pineal gland as the “eye of wisdom.”  The third eye will remain dormant until it reaches a certain vibration level and can be activated by the Light of your Higher self, which signals the divine energy of the kundalini to rise from the root chakra and activate the chakra system.  It is through this gland that sensory perception and spiritual wisdom are said to be found.  It is considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans.

What helps to awaken this tiny gland to aid your energy is sunlight.  When light enters the retina of the eyes, this is sent through the optic nerve to a region in the hypothalamus called the suprachiasmatic nucleus.  From this nerve system, signals are sent to the pineal gland to produce melatonin.  Any type of light directly or indirectly will activate the pineal gland to produce serotonin.  This means a dark room for sleep helps the gland to assure you a restful sleep.  Meditation is great for reducing stress and connecting with your higher self, it also activates bioelectric energy within the pineal gland.  Unfortunately, calcification of the pineal gland does occur with age, but the main culprit of calcification is fluoride, which is found in 90% of U.S. water supply, toothpaste, some sodas, and mouthwash.  Fluoride was also used by the Nazi’s and the Russians at concentration camps; the fluoride made those captured more docile so they wouldn’t question authority.  The pineal gland is a magnet to sodium fluoride.

The light-transducing ability of the pineal gland has led many to refer to it as a third eye.  Like the eye, the pineal gland contains rods and cones and serves as a receiver, converting universal energy into imagery your brain will comprehend. The melatonin the gland produces aids sleep, but melatonin is also used during meditation to help your physical body connect to the spirit world.  The average person’s third eye usually remains relatively dormant as a spiritual center unless activated.  Once the third eye is open it varies in regards to what people experience, but it is said to aid learning retention, intuition, creativity, psychic gifts, aura reading of others, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.  According to U of M professor of Physiology and neurology Jimo Borjigin, “We still lack a complete understanding of the pineal gland.  Numerous molecules are found in the pineal, many of which are uniquely found at night, and we do not have a good idea of what their functions are.”

The third eye was seen as the light and known to the Atlanteans (these beings were believed to have had a higher level of consciousness) who harnessed great paranormal power with their use of it.  Nevertheless, this power began to be used for negative purposes before their continent sank beneath the sea.  Meditation music and tones can also help aid your vibrational frequencies and activate this gland, allowing you to connect to the universal energies easier.  As people are all interlinked and part of a mass consciousness, you can connect with this oneness through activating the third eye.  Revelations 22:4-5 says this about our knowing of God, “They will see His face, and His name will be in their foreheads. There will be no more night in the city, and they will have no need for the light of the lamp or sun.  For the Lord God will shine on them and they will reign forever and ever.”

The pineal gland is still shrouded in mystery, as the scientific community cannot explain the spiritual happenings that occur once the 3rd eye is open.  The ancients as well as many spiritual cultures throughout the world have credited the pineal gland with spiritual experiences.  The pineal gland takes 49 days to form in a human embryo and according to Tibetan Buddhists this is the same amount of time that it takes the soul to incarnate into their next physical body.

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