Writers Block
Published on February 19, 2012 by lahilden | Views: 1999

Writers block can be frustrating.  I began a new book in September 2011.  By November, I had five chapters finished and then that was it.  I was stuck.  The holidays filled my time and when I looked at my new novel on my computer, nothing came to me.  I couldn’t have added chapters if I tried, and I wasn’t about to try and type a bunch of garbage.  I know many articles say to write everyday, regardless if you don’t feel like writing, but I just don’t work this way.  I write when I have things to say, not because I have to, but because I want to.

January 2012 approaches and by now I have reread and edited my last three novels so many times that I’m ready to scream.  I need something new.  I need my new novel.  Frustrated that I can’t seem to connect with my muse, I try the trick that often works for me.  I go to bed and before I fall asleep, I focus on my book, my characters, and what I want them to go through.  Most importantly, I focus on the last chapter where I was stuck.

At 1 am my story took shape, not completely, since I tend to like the book to tell me where it needs to go, but I knew my next chapter, and a few twists I wanted to add along the way to completion.  I jumped out of bed and went and wrote some things down so I wouldn’t forget

The next day I reread the chapter I was stuck on, and away I went.  I typed for hours.  I’m now on chapter thirteen and I couldn’t be happier with my story’s development.  I’m sure there will be other times where I’m stuck in this novel, but for now, I shall allow the words to flow.