Published on October 31, 2010 by lahilden | Views: 1200

Becoming published in a top publishing house is a daunting and difficult task.  With the current recession and e-book soar, the task is Herculean.  I’ve often been told that getting your book in front of the right person all comes down to who you know in the industry.  I’ve been a member of Romance Writers of America for over ten years, but still, I don’t know a single person in New York.

Skip forward to the digital revolution.  As of August 2010, e-books were up 172% (according to 14 publishers sales reports sent to AAP’s monthly sale estimate.)  Since e-books are lower priced when compared to hardcovers, this means less money for publishers, so fewer retailers are buying titles, which means there are even less new writers being accepted into a big house. 

Given the fact that I loved it when May Chen from Avon told me she liked my voice (really the compliment will probably never leave me) but when I still received a rejection letter from Avon, I was frustrated.  So when I purchased my Kindle and began to buy more and more e-books, I thought, why not. 

I hired myself a great copy editor, who then recommended someone to design my cover, my webpage, and to format my books.  These two people have helped me carve out my dream and bring my books to readers, which is all I ever wanted.

The first book I’m releasing is A Necessary Heir.  This story takes place during the Regency Period in London, England, which is my very favorite time-period.  A Necessary Heir will be available through my website,, Barnes and Noble, and wherever else I can place it.  The book will be available in e-book form, and you can purchase it in paperback as well.  I hope to have my new Time-Travel novel, London’s Quest, published early next year. 

Let me know what you think of my Regency romp.  Remember reading makes people more beautiful, at least I like to believe this is so.  Happy reading.