Things to Keep In Mind When Writing Your Novel
Published on October 18, 2011 by lahilden | Views: 1379

Here are some things to watch out for when you begin your novel.  You should always try to use an active voice in your writing.  This means limiting your number of passive sentences.  You should show the action, don’t tell. 

For example: 

Instead of saying, He was angry.  This is telling. 

You need to show how your character displays this anger. 

His face reddened, his fists clenched, and he seemed to be grinding his teeth as he glared at her.  This is showing.  You don’t have to be told this character is angry because you have described it through action.

Try to limit author intrusion in your story.  When you, as the author, intrude on the story, you pull your readers out of the novel and you lose the empathy you created between your readers and characters.

Body parts are often found doing things they shouldn’t.  Keep in mind that parts of the body cannot act alone.  No one’s eyes can literally roam the room.  This kind of description can irritate your readers.  Nevertheless, a person’s gaze can roam the room.  Make sure your descriptions are not only accurate, but also possible.  Too much description can work against you and slow the pace of your novel.  Making it okay to say, His anger radiated off him with such heat that she took two steps away from him.  This is telling, but also descriptive since his anger called for action in her stepping away from him.

Unheroic character behavior should also be kept to a minimum.  Your protagonists are people we want to be like.  They should be honorable, considerate, strong, and reliable.  They are not perfect, so be sure to give them flaws, but they should always be admirable.

Give specific, concrete details to pull in your readers.  Without the details, your readers cannot envision the scene.  It’s important to use details that show your characters moods, which will then evoke feeling within your readers.