Sex and the Romance Novel
Published on April 28, 2011 by lahilden | Views: 1122

We’ve all seen the scantily dressed figures on the cover of many romance novels, but how much sex is really going on between the pages? 

Well, that all depends.  Inside the romance novel, readers will find two extremes when it comes to sex, chaste to erotic.  I’ve had many conversations through blogs on this topic, and I must say, the opinions vary and emotions become heated when sex is being discussed.  (Reminded me of my F-bomb question some months back.  Hee-hee). 

I guess heat should have been expected since we were talking about sex, but I was surprised I had to simmer the conversation back down. 

Some authors choose the shut the door policy: chaste kisses and hinted at sexual tumbles, while others choose to write erotica, where sex scenes are described in titillating detail.  In romance, erotica has taken on the name of romantica, which is a blend of romance and erotica.  The majority of romance novels fall between these two extremes with description developed and scenes described, but not with enough information to make the reader say ew!  Of course, as the old adage claims, sex sells, which is true.  The most important thing is to write what you love and your passion for words will come across to your readers.  It’s not the sex that makes the scene sizzle, but the sexual tension that makes the story hot.