The Magic White Caves of Gudvangen
Published on September 21, 2017 by L.A. Hilden | Views: 320

In my novel Higher Resonance, Regina, one of the Griffin sisters, is sent back through time to fulfill her duties as a lightworker.  Regina finds herself in a Viking village located in Gudvangen, Norway in 890 A.D. Gudvangen means the field of the gods by the water. I chose this location because I needed the perfect Viking landing place and when I saw the beauty of Gudvangen and the White Caves, I knew I found the best setting for my story to unfold. Norway’s fjords are breathtaking with towering cliffs, waterfalls that plummet from massive heights, and seawater that reflects shades of blue and emerald. In my novel, the White Caves hold a portal that sends Regina to the planet of Mars where she converses with the being Thoth regarding Earth’s future.

The Magic White Caves are inside mountains filled with anorthosite.  Gudvangen has the world’s largest deposit of anorthosite, which is a type of marble containing both gold and aluminum. Gudvangen is second to the moon in anorthosite deposits.

The caves contain a labyrinth of caverns where music and Aurora lighting fills the interior. The caves have natural running water and small ponds that reflect the colorful lighting. When trial excavations were done, the miners noticed that several of these water pockets connect together.

There’s a tour you can take that includes a helmet and a jacket for the cooler climate. The tour usually lasts around 30 to 45 minutes. Inside the caves there’s a large mountain room with a green lake, there’s also a stone bar and a dining area. The lights are used to enhance your experience and make you fell like you’re in another world.

Refreshments are served at the stone bar and the 300 person dining area has tables and benches covered in reindeer skins. The labyrinth of caves covers an area that is 250 by 150 square meters.  There’s also an animatron lady that tells the history of the Magical White Caves.  Although I’ve researched the caves, I haven’t gathered much history and I’d be curious what history this animatron has to share with tourists.

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