The Seven Hermetic Principles of Truth
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The seven Hermetic Principles are the basis for Hermetic philosophy and are defined in The Kybalion, which is a study of the famous sacred Hermetic texts done by the “Three Initiates.” Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Thoth, is said to have lived in Atlantis and Ancient Kemet (Egypt). He was considered otherworldly and had a longer lifespan compared to the humans he taught. Thoth brought science, geometry, architecture, and hieroglyphs to the people. Impressed by his abilities the Egyptians revered him so highly he became one of their gods. It was the Greeks who gave Thoth the name Hermes as he was considered a God of Wisdom and a messenger from the Creator. Hermes is often shown with the caduceus, a symbol of medical knowledge, while the wings symbolize the higher plane of knowing. These seven hermetic laws are said to govern mankind and the universe. Many believe that understanding these principles can lead to a new understanding of life and world around you.

These Hermetic teachings are found around the world and in all religions. The seven principles have universal appeal. The first three laws are immutable, meaning they are absolute and can never be changed. They have always been in existence and will continue to be. The other four laws are mutable, meaning they can be transcended or used to create your ideal reality.

Principle of Mentalism - is an understanding that everything in the universe is created by the thought mind. The universe was created by thought done by the Creator. As God’s children we create our physical and mental reality with the power of thought.  All is energy.

Principle of Correspondence –This is where the Hermetic expression “as above so below” comes from. Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world. We attract and manifest what we hold in our conscious and subconscious minds, which can be good or bad. Simply put, if you don’t believe you will succeed then you won’t. Energy follows thought. Believe in yourself.

Principle of Vibration
– Everything is in constant movement with varying degrees of vibration. Every molecule and atom vibrates in certain motion, speed, frequency, and vibration. These varying frequencies give objects, physical or metaphysical, their form. Nothing is at rest. Work to control your mental vibrations. Focus your intentions and dream big.

Principle of Polarity – everything has a duality. This is the principle and natural law of opposites. Light and dark, hot and cold, good and bad, they are identical in nature but vary in degrees. From this principle we are to understand that the lower self can transform to the higher self.

Principle of Rhythm – there is an ebb and flow in the universe. Our lives are often filled with emotional ups and downs. The key is to reach a state of consciousness that brings about inner peace, happiness, divine indifference, and balance regardless of circumstances. You won’t get caught up in the swinging pendulum if you project objectivity and neutrality. Detach from the chaos and embrace the knowing.  Your happiness is determined by you.

Principle of Cause and Effect - for every action there is a reaction.  Everything happens according to the Laws of Nature (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual laws).  There are no accidents in the universe. The objective is to understand this law to avoid accumulating karma while on this plane. There are seven dimensions of reality where causations can occur. To avoid karma you must rise to a higher plane of consciousness. Become the master of your mind and master your emotions.  Yes, thinking happy thoughts as the lost boys told Peter Pan to do in Hook works to raise your vibration levels. Ignore the ego and hold God, love, and peace in our thoughts.

Principle of Gender – everything has masculine and feminine principles. The yin and yang of life. We are born a certain sex but psychologically each person is androgynous and carries qualities from each sex. Spirituality is a path to balance all things in life. Too much of a good thing is not always good for you. The path to God is not one of self-indulgence. You have to balance the masculine and feminine within yourself, balance the ego and balance the body’s energy chakras.

The more a person puts these laws into practice the more natural it becomes, in turn making it easier to retain balance in life.  To know the Creator, we must understand the Divine’s laws. These 7 principles are believed to open your insight to a deeper spiritual meaning of reality.

I decided to write about these laws as I continue to delve deeper into my research of Ancient Egypt and Thoth.  In my Witches of Griffin series, the three sister travel back in time to visit with their many greats grandmother Cleopatra, Egyptian pharaoh and daughter of Isis.  The Griffin sisters have to prepare others for the New Earth that resides in the 5th dimension and who better to give them advice than the Ancient Atlantean Priest Thoth.


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A special thank you to: Thoth The Holiest of Holies “Last Testament” by Joseph Emmanuel