Past Life Regression
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For those of you who follow my blog you are likely aware of my interest in history and the sacred sciences.  And perhaps you read the blogs I posted about my sweat lodge experience and following the lines of my family tree into medieval times.  I mentioned in my reincarnation post that if I ever had the opportunity to do a Past Life Regression (PLR) with a Life Between Life (LBL) session, I was in.  The opportunity presented itself on my spring trip to Florida in 2015, where I met with Regression Hypnotherapist, Chuck Frank.

Before embarking on this journey, I had read books by Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Delores Cannon, and Edgar Cayce.  I had also watched others go through the regression process.  I knew going in that I was likely to come out of this thinking that I had made up everything I felt and saw in my crazy imagination.  After all, I’m a writer and I come up with names and places all the time.  I’m also a Reiki practitioner and I’ve participated in many guided meditations so I was curious to see what this experience would bring.  To gain a true understanding of what people in PLR and LBL experience, I needed to feel and see it for myself.

After more than an hour induction where I almost fell asleep twice, I was taken back to the age of twelve.  I described the house where I grew up.  This was an easy task since I have not forgotten the house over the years.  I also described the music I liked and my favorite song at the time.  I later researched when this song was popular; it was when I was twelve, which was pretty cool.  I was then taken to a younger age, I believe I was around three and I was playing in the leaves while my dad stood watching me.  I remembered my clothing and how it was a happy, carefree time.  From there I moved to the womb where I was amazed by my fingers and my ability to move them.  I could feel my mom’s excitement at being pregnant, but I also felt her fear toward motherhood.  (If you are like me you are reading this and thinking many women feel this way before giving birth, which I believe is true.)

From there I moved into a long corridor of greenery in my mind, since this is what I wanted my tunnel to look like, at the other side I was taken into my most recent past life.  I was told to describe my feet and I looked down to see a pair of white nurse shoes.  I was a black woman named Rose Ferrier and I was a nurse in what I believe to be upstate New York.  I was outside on a partly cloudy day, walking along the sidewalk as I made my way to one of the many rectangular brick buildings sitting upon acres of green land.  The all brick building I entered was ordinary in design, a few chimneystacks and narrow windows in metal frames along the width, spaced every five feet.  A metal light was affixed into the brick above the plain wooden door, which is what my eyes focused on as I approached from the narrow end.  The light fixture was a sure sign of electricity and looked Victorian in design.  As I entered I was greeted by others who called me Rosie.  I was not thrilled with being at work, more resigned and doing my duty.  I assisted the sick by moving their wheelchairs and I proceeded to cut up food to assist a lady to eat.  (I have searched the Internet for everything I could think of to find this set of buildings I saw, but have had no luck.  I had no real expectations going into this process, but I was amazed every step of the way at the images I saw and I was even more amazed by what I felt.)

From there I was told to move to a significant moment in this person’s life and I found myself in a park, smiling at my two grown children.  I was exceedingly proud of my son, although I could not tell you why.  Nevertheless, it was a happy day and a crowd had gathered in celebration.  I then moved to Rose’s death scene, where she was alone in bed and unable to breath.  Her passing was merely a sense of letting go, so it was very peaceful.  After she passed she went to her son and exchanged energy to help her son deal with her loss before moving onward.  I then pondered the lessons behind Rose’s life and was told by my spirit council that Rose was to learn patience in that life, which she did.   (I had posed the question in my mind and the word “patience” boomed in my head.  Just the one word, which I learned is often how these questions are answered.)

As Rose left the earth plane, she turned to the light and headed upward into a vast space.  There were no worries or fear as she headed upward, just a peaceful calmness.  The floating sensation stopped and I was standing in front of my spirit guide.  After putting my dozens of questions to my guide, which included my purpose here, as well as my soul name there, I was told to see if I could find my soul group.  There were many figures around me, but I could not tell who they were, only that they were there in the shadows of peaceful darkness.  I counted eleven figures, including myself.  The one that moved forward to greet me was my father, again it was more of a knowing as his body was a shadow human shape and not physically detailed.  Since it is believed we leave a good portion of energy in heaven when we incarnate, I assume this is why my father greeted me.  I can say that this was not who I expected to greet me, I had assumed I’d see one of my deceased relatives, like one of my grandfathers.  

After happily speaking to my dad, I asked my guide to take me to my council.  To describe the soaring chamber I entered is difficult, but the chamber was extremely tall.  It was all white, but light could shine through the walls, not like glass or ice, but more opaque and illuminating, without being overwhelmingly bright.  The base was really wide, no doors, just open space.  The structure narrowed at the top, but not to a point, more of a rounded rectangle.  There were five figures making up my council, and they sat spaced a good eight feet apart around a large half moon table that curved toward me.  My guide stayed with me and stood behind my left side, about three feet away.  Only the council member sitting at the center of the table made himself visible to me, he was the only one during the entire LBL regression that I saw in great detail.  He was dressed in white robes like a toga.  He had a big smile, blue eyes, a gray beard, and lots of gray hair on his head.  He was wearing a laurel wreath upon his head and his glance spoke of wisdom and knowledge beyond my understanding.  He was thrilled to see me and amused by my presence as he had been expecting me.  “He thinks I’m funny,” which is exactly what I told Chuck when he asked about my reception.

I later researched this scene to learn that many who participate in LBL sessions see the elders in various colored robes.  People also describe this chamber I entered.

The laurel wreath is said to represent great thinking, which fit perfectly with the energy that I was receiving at the time, although I’m unaware if anyone else who participated in an LBL session has seen elders with wreaths upon their heads.  Just knowing others have described this same odd structure while under hypnosis is fascinating.

Questions were answered and I was shown family members who struggle in life today.  My childhood horse was brought to me, and even my 6th great grandfather Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee came to offer me words of wisdom.  I was regressed for a good two hours.  The peacefulness and love I felt was something I’ll never forget.

After thanking my council and my guide, I was brought out of the hypnosis feeling happy and rested.  But once I left and I began to share the details of my regression with others, the analytical side of my left-brain reinserted itself, having been on hiatus during the hypnosis it had much to dissect and try to dismiss.

Although I had felt the different energies and saw these scenes play out in my mind, I returned home and my immediate reaction was that I made everything up.  Wow, how weird is that.  But even with my doubts, a part of me realizes that what I saw was a completely different experience when compared to using my imagination to create stories.  For one, I did not have time to create in my mind a scene like I do with my stories as I was answering the hypnotherapist’s questions as to where I was and what I was doing.

What I experienced during the Life Between Life was more along the lines of images seen while in deep meditation, which in turn makes sense.  The LBL scenes came from a different place in my mind, these scenes often had black backgrounds suggesting infinite space, whereas my imagination is in full color with background scenes taken from actual life with trees and blue skies and such.  My Past Life Regression to Rose Ferrier was definitely in full color and detail.  I find the distinctions between the two interesting.

So that’s some of my experience with Regression Hypnotherapy.  I cannot tell you with absolute certainty that what I experienced was a past life or that I connected with higher energies through our human connection with the Divine.  I can tell you that I didn’t have the time to make these scenes up in my mind, they just appeared.  The journey was not at all what I had thought it would be, which to me says a lot.  I would also like to mention that I had nothing to fear while under hypnosis.  I was always aware of my surroundings.  I could not have been made to bark like a dog or anything equally absurd as I was not deep enough under hypnosis to not have recall.  I suggest everyone try it at least once.  It is only through personal experience that you can deduce where these scenes are coming from for yourself.  I’ll end with a quote by Edgar Cayce.  “Each soul in entering the material experience does so for those purposes of advancement towards that awareness of being fully conscious of the oneness with the Creative Forces.” 2632-1



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A special thank you to Chuck Frank, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist.