Planes of Existence and the Number Seven
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I have been working on book two in the Witches of Griffin series, which is a time travel, paranormal, romance with spiritual elements called Securing Sanctuary.  In this story the Griffin sisters have to enter the astral plane to secure the Map to Sanctuary.  The map, stolen by a dark priestess, is being held in the astral with the help of a voodoo Loa.  If this map isn’t recovered, life on our planet will alter drastically, allowing evil the upper hand.

There are seven colors in the rainbow, seven tones on the music scale that hold seven different vibrations, and according to esoteric teachings, seven planes of existence.  There are also the seven days of creation, seven deadly sins, seven days in a week, seven seas, seven continents, and the lucky number seven.  To many people seven is considered magical.  The number is popular around the world as is seen in art, literature, religion, and culture.  In esoteric cosmology, the seven planes of existence are conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe.  The concept of planes was likely derived from shamanic and traditional mythological ideas of a vertical world-axis.  The planes of existence tie into the states of meditation according to the Chinese Tao.

The Seven Planes

The slowest vibrational speed occurs on the first plane, which is the Physical Plane.  This is where our souls are now.  The second plane is called the Astral Plane, this is the etheric plane the sisters have to enter and it is a place that is often entered while we dream.  It is considered the plane of emotion and it is the first place we go to once we leave our physical bodies.  This plane is said to be populated with angels, spirits, and other immaterial beings.  The Causal Plane is the third plane and is made of intellectual energy.  The fourth plane of existence is called the Akashic Plane.  This is a neutral plane of existence that interconnects with the other six planes.  This is where the Akashic records are said to be found.  These records are believed to hold everything that has ever happened in the universe.  It is also where the deceased go to review past lives and learn from the life they just left.  People who have entered this plane through Past Life Regression describe a place where you can watch scenes as if a movie was playing.  The fifth plane is called the Mental Plane and it is filled with intellectual energy that emphasizes truth.  The Messianic Plane is the sixth plane and it is filled with emotional energy that emphasizes love.  It is believed that Jesus incarnated from this plane.  The highest plane and the seventh plane is called the Buddhaic Plane, which is made of pure or abstract kinetic energy and is described as a realm of pure consciousness. Many of the planes have a variety of sub-planes.  The planes also have different names depending on the source.

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