What I’m Currently Working On…
Published on June 3, 2015 by L.A. Hilden | Views: 863

It’s been a busy time in my writing world.  I’m currently working on getting my new release The Wallflower’s Godmother into the marketplace.  My cover and interior designer moved onto new life adventures and this had me searching for someone else to do the work, which took some time.  I was lucky to find Dafeenah Jameel from Indie Designz and she did a wonderful job for me.  Today I uploaded the various book files to different markets, which used to be done for me.  Fingers crossed that the book and cover will upload on the different sites without issue and I receive the go ahead.  If all goes as it should, the book will be available in paperback through Lightning Source, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon around June 7th.  The eBook will be available on Amazon at that time and available at Barnes and Noble, Apple, and other venues in three months.

In The Wallflower’s Godmother, the Earl of Dunford owns an estate with a hedge maze where a folly is found at its center.  The cover art shows the scene quite well and I was really happy with the photos I found to represent the story and my heroine.  As it states in the blurb, this story is about a lady who is treated poorly by her relatives and removed from such hardships by her spiritual godmother.   Johanna Cavanagh finds sanctuary, inner strength, and love on her journey.

While this book was with the editor and interior designer, I moved on to work on book two in the Witches of Griffin series.  I’m currently on page 119 and the words are flowing easily, which is always great!

Securing Sanctuary is the title of book two in the Witches of Griffin series.  The Griffin sisters find themselves searching for the Map to Sanctuary in the astral plane.  Meanwhile, a Native American Legend from the 17th century has seemed to come alive in their 21st century home.  With multiple tasks to complete for the Goddess Isis, the sisters find themselves at their breaking point when one of them becomes stuck in 1615 North Carolina.  As soon as book two is finished, I will begin working on publishing book one.  I’d like to release them fairly close together.  I do plan on creating book three as well and plot lines are already flowing through my brain.

I’m also thinking I’ll publish another one of my Historical Regencies, but I’m unsure which one to release.  It’s between a pirate story (The Lady Charmer, book 3 in the Bewildering Love series), a hero with a laudanum addiction (When Love Wins), or the story of a courtesan’s daughter simply called (The Courtesan’s Daughter).  The latter two do not have the second books written yet, although my goal is to make them series.

This has been what I’ve been working on in the past months.  I’m excited about my new release and look forward to reviews.  The story is character driven, and my hope is my readers will connect with the emotional ups and downs of the hero and heroine.  While I market The Wallflower’s Godmother, I plan to continue writing book two in my witches’ story.  Namaste.