What I'm Currently Working On
Published on March 17, 2014 by lahilden | Views: 979

My third time travel in the Destiny series, A Tudor Displaced is finished and off to the editor.

A Tudor Displaced is the story of Phoebe Bennett, who follows the time travel passageway to Regency England.  Upon arrival, she’s placed under the care of the Earl of Inlsey, Gabriel Worthing, who has no idea how to handle the unpredictable Tudor lady.  The main characters from the previous two stories also come back to welcome and help Phoebe adjust to her new life.  Of course, Gabriel refuses any help from Desirea, but the Hollywood starlet is not about to let that fly.

I’m branching out in my writing and have recently finished the rough draft of my new Time Travel Paranormal.  I wished to write a novel that would capture a larger audience, while writing something I enjoyed, and that I would allow my teen kids to read.  I’ve always wanted to write a series about good witches, but I wanted them to also have a higher awareness and for their minds to be open to learning.  I also wanted love to echo throughout the story, a love for family, for others, and for life.  I endeavored to create a spiritual understanding of the powerful energy of love.  Since I’m fascinated by life and our soul’s immortality, my keen interest had me reading far more than I likely would have for research.  I’ve read about people receiving messages from angels, from deceased loved-ones, and from spirit guides.  I read books on NDE’s (Near death experiences), but by far my favorites were the books regarding Past Life Regression Therapy.

This new time travel series focuses upon three sister witches.  The Griffin triplets are descendants of the great Queen, Cleopatra of Egypt.  This new story involves the spiritual aspects of our lives, while delving into the soul’s purpose, and exploring the Divine energy of love that surrounds us.  Historical tidbits regarding Egypt, Isis, and healing stones appear throughout the story.  The Griffin sisters have incarnated to balance the energies of positive and negative, regardless of year or dimension.  And in their free time, they own and operate the Griffin Reiki and Wellness center.  Their faith in God, their understanding of the afterlife, and their love for each other is how the sisters advance to awaken the spiritual awareness’s of mankind.

The dozens of books I’ve read have advanced my spiritual wellbeing, which has been a rewarding experience.

Here are a few books that I thought inspiring.

Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters.  (I’ve read nearly all of Weiss’s books, but if I had to pick only one, I’d choose this one.)  This book is known to be life changing.

Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls.

Delores Cannon, Between Death and Life.

Squire Rushnell, Divine Alignment.

Catherine Lanigan, Angel Watch.