My Current Projects
Published on July 14, 2013 by lahilden | Views: 878

At the moment, I’m rereading A Vengeful Earl before sending it to my editor.  AVE is book two in the Bewildering Love series.  This story focuses upon The Earl of Sinclair and his plan to ruin Lady Lydia Witley and her family.  Of course the earl realizes he has erred in his plan for vengeance and falls hopelessly in love with Lydia.  The third book in this series is called The Lady Charmer and it is finished.  TLC is a story about the abused heroine Kate Bancroft and the arrogant, but ever so charming Marquis of Geary who comes to her rescue.  TLC begins in America, but detours to the pirate island of Watling’s, before ending in England.

I’m a quarter of a way through a rough draft for book two in the Wintergale Orchards series, titled Love With Purpose, which is yet to be released.  I shall continue work on this novel as soon as I finish proofreading my next releases.

I’m tweaking book three in my time travel Destiny series.  I may release this time travel before my next historical, but I’ve yet to decide.  This is the story about Phoebe Bennett, the Tudor lady who finds herself in Regency England.  I’ve titled it, A Tudor Displaced.  Phoebe is a feisty heroine who is bound to drive the Earl of Insley crazy.  I have also started book four in this series, but the time traveler is a surprise and I don’t want to give any spoilers.  Because these books overlap, I need to make sure everything flows well from one book to the next.  This is the reason these stories can take longer to publish.

I’ve written my own Cinderella story called The Wallflower’s Godmother.  I absolutely love it, but it is still a work in progress.  This story has more of a spiritual aspect to it that I will likely turn into a series.  After all, the heroine does have a younger brother.

I started working on book two of The Courtesan series.  For some reason, I’m not yet sure where I wish to take this story and so I’ve stepped away from it for a while.  It will come to me.

Lately, I’ve blogged articles about Falconry, Regency Dances, and St James’s Palace. Aside from that, I’m enjoying the summer with my family and I recently returned from a fun trip to Nashville.  And now I should likely get back to work.