Facebook Ad Results
Published on January 12, 2011 by lahilden | Views: 1053
Recently, I decided to promote my Facebook Fan page with an Ad and I wanted to post the results on this site. Since I've never done this, I was curious what the results would be and thought to share them.

So placing the Ad was easy, a simple click to promote your page and it walks you through the process. I set my Ad up on January 1, 2011 and put a stop date of January 16, 2011, since I didn't know how far my fifty dollars would go. I made fifty dollars the max for the term of this Ad, since this was a trial.

Before the Ad I had 56 fans. By 1-6-11 I had 64 fans and by 1-9-11 I had 69 fans. By 1-12-11, the fifty dollars was gone and my current total is 69.

The majority of clicks were done on the weekends with Saturday being the peak and Wednesday the low.

So 13 new fans, yea!