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Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite eras to study, which is one of the many reasons I love writing my Witches of Griffin series.  In book three, Higher Resonance, the sisters must travel back to 31 B.C. to meet their many Great’s-Grandmother Cleopatra, pharaoh of Egypt.  Since obelisks were predominant in the architecture of ancient Egypt I decided to delve further into the symbolism and possible use behind these huge stone columns.

Obelisks are usually made of stone, have a square or rectangular cross section, and four sides that narrow toward the pyramidal top. The ancient Egyptians called them tekhenu, but this word was translated to Greek, then Latin, and eventually English to become obelisk. The prototype obelisks were called benben stones.

Benben Stone

Ancient obelisks are monolithic, meaning they consist of a single stone. This of course made them extremely heavy as the stones often weighed hundred of tons. The technology the ancients used to lift these stones into place and how they were able to shape the hard substance of granite with rudimentary tools that were made from softer metals like copper, remains a mystery.  It’s hard to imagine people moving a hundred foot stone column that weighs 400 tons from a quarry to a temple entrance usually located miles away.  Modern obelisks are usually made with several stones, these are not considered true obelisks, but they are shaped the same.

For the Egyptians, the obelisk symbolized the sun god Ra, the creator of humanity. Some ancients believed that gods existed within the stone monolith itself. The Egyptians placed the obelisks in pairs at the entrances of their temples. These obelisks were often topped with gold or a natural gold and silver alloy called electrum. This substance was used to capture the rays of the sun god.  The obelisk symbolized a ray of the sun’s light that disperses negative energy.  Hieroglyphs often cover these mammoth columns celebrating the lives and wars of the pharaoh who commissioned them.

The Luxor 

The Luxor obelisk stands over 75 feet high at the center of Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. This yellow granite obelisk is 3300 years old and had at one time marked the entrance to the Temple of Thebes in Egypt. The hieroglyphs exalt the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II. The matching obelisk still stands in its original place in front of the Luxor Temple.

Cleopatra’s Needle

Cleopatra’s Needle is one of a pair of red granite obelisks believed to have been built upon the banks of the Nile in 1450 B.C. and moved to Alexandria in 18 A.D.  One was moved to London in 1878, while the other was re-erected in Central Park in New York City in 1880. The Central Park monument was not named after the well-known Ptolemaic Pharaoh Cleopatra VII, as the obelisks were already 1000 years old by the time she reigned. These obelisks are believed to have been constructed during the reign of another female pharaoh, Hatshepsut; they stand 69 feet tall, weigh about 224 tons, and are inscribed with hieroglyphs commemorating Ramses II’s military victories.

Vatican Obelisk

In front of the Vatican is a 4000-year-old obelisk that once stood at the entrance of a pagan temple. It is the largest non-inscribed obelisk to leave Egypt. There were a number of Egyptian obelisks brought to Rome by various emperors throughout history, and yet this is the only one to remain standing since Roman times. This particular red granite obelisk stands 83 feet high, weighs 320 tons, and was brought to Rome in 37 A.D. by Gaius Caligula who originally re-erected the obelisk in his garden.  In 1586, Pope Sixtus V took on the painstaking task of having the obelisk moved to stand in Saint Peter’s Square, which took 13 months to accomplish.

Washington Obelisk

The Washington Monument is an example of a modern obelisk made from several stones and is considered the tallest in the world.  It was built in Washington D.C. to honor the first United States President, George Washington.  The obelisk is made of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss. The work on this 555 feet towering obelisk began in 1848 when the Freemasons, an organization to which Washington belonged, (Washington was a Master Mason) laid the first cornerstone. The monument was completed in two construction phases and was not finished until 1884.

Like the Ancient Egyptians, Washington believed in the use of sacred geometry.  All pillars were considered sacred as they symbolize death and rebirth.  To attribute them to Satan is sheer silliness in my opinion.  Nevertheless, there are many who see the obelisk as a Freemason occult symbol.  While others view the obelisk as a phallic symbol representing the Egyptian god Osiris, god of the dead, ruler of the underworld, and father of Horus who was restored of his body by his wife/sister Isis.  I tend to view the obelisk as a symbol of enlightenment as we continue to try and reach the pinnacle of ascension to reunite with the Creator.

According to archeologists and Ancient Alien theorists around the world, the technology the ancients used to build and place the obelisks, as well as build the pyramids, is not known to us. How did the ancients manage to move and transport the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon, which weighs over 4.5 million pounds? Ancient Alien Theorists point to beings of higher consciousness and vibrational energy as the constructors of these mammoth structures.  Using superior technology or even mind thought control to build and position the obelisks and pyramids construction.  Archeologists continue to search for signs of diamond circular saw cutting capabilities, but diamonds shards have yet to be found in Egypt.  Some modern archeologists claim the Great Pyramid looks to be built from the top down.  How in the world is that done?  To this day archeologists and engineers insist we cannot, even with our current technology, rebuild the Great Pyramid, let alone build it with the same precise geometric accuracy to reach the golden ratio of Phi.  Perhaps the ancients had machines not known to us and their amazing technology completely disappeared from record and the planet, or perhaps the space ship hieroglyphs found on the walls in ancient Egypt are just what they appear to be and the humans had help from otherworldly beings since the beginning of life on Earth.

Many believe that the granite obelisks, like the pyramids, may have been a part of some integral power system as the stones contain a quartz crystalline structure.  According to the physicist at Aleph Healing, “a crystal lattice is balanced and orderly, the energy it emits is consistent and when dissonant energy is inputted, it is balanced and transformed into harmonic energy.”  Thus the obelisks could have served to rid areas of negative energy and perhaps were even strategically placed around the Earth to balance and restore the atmosphere. Silicon is used in all computer and cell phone processors, while liquid crystals make up the display screens on our modern day gadgets.  Quartz is a silicon type material and is also used in watches and clocks to help them maintain time, the quartz helps stabilize and regulate the flow of energy.  When thinking about the energy that could have been derived from the crystalline structures in the stones, the ancient Egyptian Dendera Bulb comes to mind.

Dendera Bulb

In the hieroglyph above, this odd looking bulb looks to be plugged into some kind of power source.  It is possible our ancestors knew how to generate power and to receive knowledge and technology from otherworldly sources using crystalline energy?  For now this remains a mystery.  Egyptian obelisks were a common gift to other countries.  Today, ancient obelisks are found in Egypt, France, England, Turkey, Argentina, Italy, Vatican City, the United States, and more.


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