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Spiritual Science

Remote Viewing
Eye of Providence
Light Therapy
Sound Therapy
Auras (The Human Bioenergetic Field)
CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research)
Schumann Resonances

St. Germain and the Violet Flame
Earth's Energy Grid and Vortices
Lighthouse of Alexandria
The Seven Hermetic Principles of Truth
Axis Mundi
Pineal Gland
My Past Life Regression
Planes of Existence and the Number Seven
Researching Ancient Objects
Rod of Hermes
Power Symbols
The Pentacle
Rainbows Through the Ages
The Hamsa
Reincarnation and the Griffin Sisters Beliefs
Astral Projection
Sacred Geometry
Curse Tablets
Following My Roots and My Native American Sweat Lodge Experience

History & Symbolism

The Magic White Caves of Gudvangen
History and Symbolism of the Lotus Flower
Tree of Life
Symbolism of the Shamrock
History of the Mistletoe
Easter Eggs
Witch Hunts
Why the Rabbit's Foot is Considered Lucky
The Lucky Horseshoe
Symbolism of the Feather
Symbolism of the Butterfly
Raglan Castle
Valentine's Day


The River Thames & Frost Fairs
Candles in Regency England
The Royal Academy of Arts
The Cyprians Ball and the Three Graces
Pickpockets, Highwaymen, and Footpads
Pregnant and Unwed in Regency England
Bow Street Runners-London's Police Force
Gunter's Tea Shop
Runaway Weddings
Horse Saddles
Disease and Illness
Ressurrectionists-Body Snatching Trade
Staying Clean in Regency England
Calling Card Etiquette
Sweets and Confections
When Your Wrist Fan Speaks
Medical Care
Judicial Hangings
Drugs and Addiction
Gentlemen Clubs
Saint James Palace
Short History of Regency England
Marylebone Cricket Club
Home Remedies: Leeches and Bloodletting
Coin Debasement
Smelling Salts and Vinaigrettes
Fox Hunting
Beau Brummell
Royal Pavilion in Brighton
Racetracks and Races
Jockey Club and Tattersalls
Food and Drink


Writers Block
Idioms and Origin
We Are What We Read
Are You Left or Right Brained
Left or Right Brained? How does it Affect Your Writing?
Creating Fictional Character Bios
Types of Charcters in Fiction
What is Fanfiction?
Evocative Wrting Uses All Five Senses and Sometimes the Sixth
Types of Villains (Your Antagonist)
Writing the Perfect Villain
Story Lengths
First, Second, and Third Person Perspective
The Necessity of Character Conflict
Popular Types of Historical Romance
Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Your Novel
How important Are Your Character names?
How Do You Come Up With Story Ideas?
Blog Hop Questions 2013
The Skinny on Amazon's Lending Library Program
Romance Novels and Subgenres
What I'm Currently Working On (June 2015)
What I'm Currently Working On (Dec. 2015)
A Closer Look At YA
Historical Romance Verses Historical Fiction