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L.A. Hilden attended the University of Michigan where she graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor’s in history and a minor in art history.  She holds a fascination toward estoric learning, the sacred sciences, ancient Egypt, Regency England, metaphysics, and Reiki.  Her novels focus on overcoming fear and finding your inner strength.  When she is not researching history or creating a story, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

A Tudor Displaced
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Third book in The Destiny Series
A Tudor Displaced

When Fear Warrants Action…

Lady Phoebe Bennett is running for her life from the king’s soldiers. The dastardly King Henri VIII has decided he wishes her in his bed.  Not willing to sacrifice her virtue on the king’s whim, Phoebe finds a tunnel in which to hide. Following the passageway, she never expects the underpass to lead her to the 19th century.

A Mission To Complete…

Gabriel Worthing, the Earl of Insley is on a mission to find the ringleader of the Guinea Run.  With his main suspect disappearing into the time portal, he finds himself shackled with the care of a new time traveler, a beautiful, unpredictable, Tudor lady.

When Love Is The Reason…

Phoebe tries to adjust to life in the 19th century.  She realizes that if Gabriel is correct, then she was sent to this time for a specific purpose. To avoid scandal and ruin they concoct a tale for Society in the hopes of gaining Phoebe’s acceptance into their midst, but when a ruthless killer captures Gabriel, Phoebe’s Tudor upbringing has her risking all to fulfill her destiny.

A Tudor Displaced is a time travel romance that takes place in Regency England. It is the Third book in The Destiny Series.

The Wallflower's Godmother
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In any Cinderella story, the damsel must find Prince Charming, but what if the man destined to be yours is not the least bit charming?

Working like a scullery maid in her family’s home is no picnic for Johanna Cavanagh.  When her godmother sails into her life to remove her from such hardship, Johanna sees this as a gift from heaven. She’s immediately swept into a new life filled with lessons in husband catching.  She assumes her godmother’s quirky behavior of speaking to heavenly spirits can only aid her in this endeavor, but…

When the angels encourage Johanna to find favor with the rude and off-putting Earl of Dunford, Johanna believes her future bleak.

Eli Benton, the Earl of Dunford, who nearly drowned in quicksand, is now considering it time to reassess his plans for a future and finds himself beset by a pretty guest of his neighbor’s.  Miss Johanna Cavanagh furiously accuses him of allowing his staff to abuse animals, but if that isn’t enough, this same woman returns back into his life when his daughter is returned to him, causing Miss Johanna to somehow feel it her duty to make sure he treats his child correctly.  Eli finds her meddlesome.

If this is a match made in heaven, why is everyone getting in the way, including Eli and Johanna's own awkward efforts at understanding relationship building.  Amidst Eli’s brother possibly being suspected for murder and kidnapping, a sister whose ice princess image must be melted, and a grief stricken five-year-old, Johanna and Eli keep pursuing love.

The Wallflower’s Godmother is a Regency Historical Romance with spiritual elements.  It is Book One in the Surrounded by Angels series.

When Love Wins
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Tormented by the past …

Warin Vanhorn, the Marquess of Wintergale, is one of England’s heroes.  After fighting valiantly in the war against Bonaparte, he has tried to fall back into the routine of his old life.  But life at the orchard cannot be calm when the sounds of his dying men continue to haunt him and turn him violent, leaving him to escape these nightmares with heavy doses of laudanum.

A strong-willed woman…

Helena Dabney is different from many ladies when it comes to knowing the details of wartime.  She views Warin Vanhorn as an untouchable, a man she has read about in every paper she could get her hands on, but never in a million years does she think to ever meet him.  And yet fate has other plans.

Love wins the battle…

With hemlock poisoning, an eccentric aunt, secret mistresses, addictions, and betrayals of friendship, one can safely say that life at Wintergale Orchards is never dull.

When Love Wins is a Historical Regency romance and book one in the Wintergale Orchards Series.

The Vengeful Earl
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Book Two in the Bewildering Love Series

The Perfect Suitor cover


Throughout his life, Aiden Northwood, the Earl of Sinclair, was told by his mother that Lady Veronica Witley was responsible for taking away his father’s love.  After the passing of his father, Aiden travels to London to right the wrongs of his past.


Lydia Witley doesn’t know what to make of the dashingly handsome Aiden Northwood.  The man blatantly jeopardizes her reputation with his obvious desire of her, and yet her resistance toward him is futile.  Lydia knows with surety that they will marry and she awaits the earl’s proposal with growing impatience.

When lies unfold turning existing love into travesty, can second chances and forgiveness be found?

The Vengeful Earl is a historical romance set in the Regency Period during the Napoleonic Wars.  It is book two in the Bewildering Love Series.

The Perfect Suitor
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Book One in the Bewildering Love Series

The Perfect Suitor cover

The Feeling of Destiny…

Lady Evelyn Marie Manning finally arrives amid the excitement of the London Season. Can she find the perfect suitor? Paxton Witley, the Earl of Devonhurst, is noble, unbelievably handsome, protective, and kind. Evelyn finds it difficult to focus on her suitors when he is near.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy…

Paxton Witley is in London to find his sister a husband.  But he has no intention of getting married himself, ever.  Even so, his fight to distance himself from the persistent Lady Evelyn proves futile.  He finds Evelyn achingly beautiful.  He can’t help being captivated by her honesty and her growing feelings toward him.

Passions Ignite…

Danger comes in many forms.  Will Paxton be able to save Evelyn from a French spy holding her captive?  Does Evelyn know enough of the earl’s past to protect herself?

The Perfect Suitor is a historical romance set in the Regency Period during the Napoleonic wars.

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Desirea's Escape
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Desirea's Escape by L.A. Hilden

A Frightening Stalker…

Desirea Leighton, a Hollywood starlet with a quick temper, arrives in London for a photo shoot, only to find herself hiding with a woman in a closet. But this closet holds a tunnel, and the tunnel is really a wormhole that leads to nineteenth-century England, where they meet three very angry Regency lords with trust issues.

A Desperate Escape…

Panicked, Desirea flees the Regency lords and she hides in an alley, shaking with fear and confusion as night descends. The handsome victor of a nearby brawl proves to be Desirea's hero.

The Duke of Lancaster, Ellis Pemble takes Desirea home with him, but not for the reasons Desirea assumes. The duke decides to incorporate Desirea into his household.

The spoiled starlet is not happy to find herself downgraded to the position of maid, and she sets out to win the heart of this single-minded duke with a superiority complex.

A Feeling of Belonging…

Ellis and Desirea fall in love, but Ellis refuses to contemplate marrying his maid. Among nosey, flirtatious neighbors, Desirea and Ellis are able to prevent scandal with the stories they concoct, but there is one neighbor who knows the truth, and she sets out to destroy the love Desirea and Ellis share.

Desirea's Quest is a time travel, Regency historical with paranormal elements.

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Born Reckless
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Book Two in the Alter Ego Series
Paperback and Ebook Cover

Born Reckless

Malicious Intent…

Lady Clarissa Mayfield’s troubles have amassed.  The most pressing, saving her father from harm.  And if this means dealing with the pessimistic views of the devastatingly handsome Marquis of Camden, then so be it.  Drawn toward the ridiculed, the daring Clarissa knows the recluse marquis is a troubled man.  But she believes she has the wherewithal to save him.

Ulterior Motives…

Grayson Mathers, the Marquis of Camden believes himself unworthy of love, until he sees possibilities in the form of Clarissa Mayfield.  The optimistic beauty intrigues him.  Unfortunately, Grayson cannot garner an introduction with the young lady until he discovers why his only living relative is lying to him and how much trouble his family is in this time.

Unbeknownst to him, Grayson’s driver decides to kidnap Lady Clarissa.  What’s even more shocking, is once she’s by his side, Grayson decides he must keep her.

The Ultimate Awakening…

Grayson and Clarissa’s story is a passionate journey of awakenings, of trying to move away from past terrors that haunt a person’s soul for eternity, and move into the light and comfort of love.  Among quirky relatives and friends, lies and secrets, and antics that involve sneaking off to party of sexual favors, Clarissa and Grayson find true love through a process of healing and understanding, along with quite a few untruths and desperate plans.


Born Reckless is a historical romance set in the Regency Period.

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Coffee Time Romance and Review the Book Give a Review on A Necessary Heir
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A Necessary Heir by L.A. Hilden was a fantastic read. I am partial to historic fiction. I love reading about the London elite falling in love. This story did not disappoint. The entire process of falling in love, marrying and all the trials and tribulations that go with it were laid out in full. The only thing this book left to me wanting is more. I wish that it could go on forever. However, that cannot be.

Unlike your typical historic romances where the handsome aristocrat seduces the young girl into his bed before they have even wed, this young couple follows the propriety of the time. I like that. It is true to the period in every sense.

L.A. Hilden writes in a way that makes you feel like you are there. You have a vested interest in this couple's lives. When they hurt, so do you. Their joy is yours to share. My favorite line in the book is repeated numerous times. It is, “Stuff and Applesauce.” I can picture the matronly woman saying this. I can even picture my own grandmother using this line. It put a smile on my face each time I saw it.

This book will definitely please historical romance readers of all ages. Although there are a few sex scenes, they are not distasteful. The storyline is believable. It could honestly have happened to some or many. How many titled men would do anything for a male heir? I found myself angry for the characters and inspired by their strength as they worked through their own personal dramas.

I found it nearly impossible to put this book down. Each time I had to put it down, I dwelled on what would happen next. I wondered where the story line would lead. I pondered what I would do if I were in the characters shoes. I considered what I would do if it were my own story.

L.A. Hilden did an astonishing job with A Necessary Heir. I have never read another historical romance like hers. It is original and enjoyable. I look forward to reading many more of her books.

~Tiffany A. Higgins, children’s author

Reviewed on 06/14/2011 by ReviewTheBook.com Member Tiffany Higgins


This has to be one of my favorite book that I have read. The pace was smooth, allowing the reader to flow from one page to the next. It was also filled a few twists and turns along the way.

The characters were brilliant as well as. Abigail was a great character to watch and the more I read, the more I wanted to know more about her. As family secrets are revealed and love blooms, this novel will have you entranced.

A lovely historical romance well suited for adult readers.

Reviewed on 05/17/2011 by ReviewTheBook.com Member Angela Simmons

Rating: 4 Cups

Abigail Gibbons is beautiful and well educated, and has the bearing of a duchess. She is, however, illegitimate, and the stigma limits her choices in life and how the world sees her.

Jackson is the new Earl of Waterford. He is tall, blonde, handsome, and autocratic. He is at his wits’ end trying to sort out the mess his grandfather left behind.

Abby is grateful to the Earl of Waterford for offering her a position as companion to his wife. She suspects that he paid for her education at a good school. When she gets to London, she is distressed to find that the old earl has died and his grandson has no idea who she is. Insulted and distraught, she flees to a friend’s house. Jackson is soon put right by his grandmother and sent to find Abby. She loves her new position and employer, who treats her like a member of the family. The two fall in love, but an earl does not marry a bastard. Abby is not quite who she seems and neither is Jackson.

Ms. Hilden has written an entertaining and well researched historical romance. The characters are very real, with all of the virtues and foibles of people of any time period. Abby is a wonderfully sympathetic character who does not let her circumstances limit her. She also does not let anyone push her around. Jackson is overbearing but has a good heart. He is a bit too fond of making Abby jealous which can be annoying but overall I did like him. The plot grabbed my interest right from the start and held it to the very end. I really liked the interaction between the main characters and Abby’s friend Clarissa with her overbearing father and colorblind mother was a bit of comic relief.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Reviewer on Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars Greatest read, September 23, 2011
This review is from: A Necessary Heir (Paperback)

A Necessary Heir
L.A. Hilden

A necessary Heir is a the greatest historical novel I have ever read. I love reading about people falling in love, and this story did not disappoint.The entire book shows the characters falling in love, marrying, and all the troubles that go along with it. This story is true to the period it was written for. L.A. Hilden has written this book, in a way to make the reader fell as if she is Abigail, showing all the feelings the young woman has. You can not help but smile as you read this story.
This book will please all readers, either historical romance or others. In the past, how many times have people given up their biological child to claim a male heir? It shows the strength that the young woman has growing up to think she was illegimate, when in fact she was the true daughter of the Earl of Waterford.
Once you pick this book up it is not reasonable to put it down until it is finished. I realized that someone has actually lived this life or something close to it. I recommend everyone to buy this book, as it is the best historical romance novel I have ever read. It is Enjoyable and I look forward to reading more of L.A. Hilden's books. Go and get yours....now.

Abigail Gibbons grew up with the stigma of being illegitimate. Not only was she born out of wedlock, she has no clue who her father is. In the time period she lives in, this is a major flaw, one that causes her to be an outcast. When she meets and falls in love with Jackson Danvers, the new Earl of Waterford, she fears her illegitimacy will keep him from being accepted into society if they marry. Then she finds out that the late Earl of Waterford switched Abigail and Jackson at birth in order to secure a male heir.

What do you do when you suddenly realize your whole life you were living a lie? Being stripped away of all you thought you were shows the world your true colors. Abigail and Jackson react very differently to the news. Both feel betrayed by the late Earl of Waterford and both are angry. Abigail has lived all her life being shunned, this has made her a very strong woman and it shows. Jackson, on the other hand, has had everything easy in life and doesn’t handle it as well as Abigail. He feels like he doesn’t deserve her now that he’s not the Earl of Waterford anymore.


L.A. Hilden’s A Necessary Heir is a well-written historical romance filled with strong characters. There’s love, betrayal, and angst. I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it for fans of historical romances. With Hilden’s skillful pen, it’s easy to imagine yourself in Abigail’s place. Hilden does a wonderful job bringing to life the emotional ups and downs of her characters. The sex scenes are tastefully done; they are almost sweet and have an innocence to them that seems well suited to the time period. True to the genre, despite the trials and tribulations they face, there is a happy ending.


Reviewed on 03/31/2012 by ReviewTheBook.com Member Nicole Mahoney

London's Quest
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A Desperate Escape...

London Miranda Burton has been dying inside since she lost her son. In a desperate attempt to feel alive once more, she quits her job and travels to London, England. While visiting an historic pub, she's pulled into a hidden time portal against her will. London finds herself hurtled into the nineteenth century.

Three Angry Regency Lords...

Lord Nankin, Declan Devinn, has his hands full with his seven siblings, his soon-to-open gentlemen's club, and the English government, the representatives of which don't wish to see him quit his life as a spy. Then a beautiful woman from the twenty-first century tumbles into his life. Regardless of his responsibilities, Declan is drawn to London Burton in a way he's never felt toward any woman.

Chaos Ensues...

London finds herself constantly blundering in the social setting into which she has been thrust, and she yearns for home. But Declan will do whatever it takes to capture this special beauty's heart and make her stay with him forever. When London's arrested for treason and later taken hostage by a traitor to the Crown, Declan proves he's a man she can count on — and she only had to travel more than 150 years into the past to find him.

London's Quest is a fast reading, humorous romp. Don't miss the next book in the Destiny Series, Desirea's Escape, the story about the mega celebrity Desirea Leighton who was responsible for pulling London Burton into the time portal while fleeing a stalker.

A Necessary Heir
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 A Necessary Heir by Lori Hilden

A case of mistaken identity…

Shunned by the majority of people she meets due to her illegitimacy, Abigail Gibbons is grateful when she's summoned from school by the Earl of Waterford to become his wife's paid companion. But unbeknownst to Abigail, the earl passes, leaving Abigail's uncertain future in his grandson, Jackson Danvers, bone-meltingly handsome hands. Upon meeting Abigail, Jackson serves her the greatest insult by accusing her of being his late grandfather's paramour. The scoundrel! But Lady Waterford is sweet, and Abigail takes the needed position…earning her a constant viewing of the man who's hooded gazes and lingering stares have the ability to make her blood simmer with desire.

A switch at birth…

To procure himself a necessary heir, the late Earl of Waterford switched his granddaughter Abigail Gibbons for a baby boy, Jackson Sethos Rameses Danvers, the newly made Earl of Waterford. The same domineering man who falls hopelessly in love and marries his grandmother's too lovely companion―only to have her deceive him in the end.

A family secret revealed…

Through, society's censure, an attempt to end Abigail's life, a mother who believes siblings are about to wed, and Jackson finding out his life was made up of falsehoods, Abigail and Jackson's love triumphs over the challenges. The headstrong Abigail refuses to allow her one true chance at happiness to slip away without a battle, while Jackson discovers how everything pales in comparison to Abigail's love. He realizes he is the man Abigail deserves…a man who has nothing left to lose but his heart.

Review of Born Reckless
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Joan Boose rated it 5 stars
I won this book on Goodreads. This is book two in the Alter Ego series. It's another grab your interest and don't let go until the end. It begins with a character from the first book in the series whom you would never guess has any problems. Even though she follows her curiosity and heart more than is safe for the strictures of society, she is both kidnapped and rescued by her love and friends. Her love has to deal with his past before he can allow himself to love and marry which adds to the intrigue and excitement. Eccentric characters keep this read lighthearted.


Jamie rated it 4 stars
* Originally posted at Romancing Rakes For The Love Of Romance

Lady Clarissa Mayfield is having a bad season. Her mother is picking out horrendous clothes for her to wear, her father’s life is being threatened and now she’s just been kidnapped. 

Grayson Mathers, Marquis of Camden, is also having a bad year. He finds himself enraptured with Clarissa but he cannot pursue. His brother is mourning the death of his wife, which Grayson blames himself for. But his brother is keeping a secret and it could ruin the family, which is why he stays away from Clarissa. Until his driver decides to kidnapped the object of his desire for him. 

I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a historical romance in the first couple of pages. Poor Clarissa is kidnapped then found hanging with her legs out of the carriage window by Grayson, the man she planned to ask for help regarding her father. Grayson is just as stunned finding her in this precarious position and tries to make the best of it. 

The chemistry between them is immediate. Clarissa wants to hate Grayson but she can’t help but fall under his spell. But with the secrets he carries he doesn’t want to pull her into his life. She doesn’t care though and works on earning his trust and love. She makes him feel, something that he doesn’t believe he deserves. She is there for him to confide in without judgment. She loves him unconditionally and won’t back down even when he tries to push her away. 

Favorite Quote

“You, sir, are the one causing my distress.” Her fingers went to her temples. “How dare you insinuate that you had me kidnapped in order to protect me. The entire idea is preposterous. You have compounded my problems, not aided then. Oh, saints be praised. God save women from well-intentioned men.” 


I thoroughly enjoyed Born Reckless. I was captured right in the beginning and I didn’t want to stop reading. I found myself falling for Grayson, even with his secrets, the same way Clarissa did. He’s a good guy. He’s not your typical Regency rake that we read about so much. He’s honorable, maybe not as much as he should be, but he wants to do right by Clarissa. He loves her and he’s not afraid to let her know. I like that about him. 

Born Reckless is full of secrets and lies, but also full of romance. It’s full of witty dialogue that will have you laughing and secrets that will break your heart. This was my first book by LA Hilden but I will keep an eye out for more.
Alina Vincent rated it 5 stars
I loved this book! I won this book from firstreads/goodreads in a giveaway. I am fortunate to have won this, and thought the writing had a great flow and the characters were very fun. The way she is kidnapped is unique, and the drama of the book is much different then what I am used to making this a perfect, fun read of different quality. I recommend this book highly to anyone interested in reading it!

Chris rated it 5 stars
I absolutely loved this book!! Clarissa is the best herione I've come across in a long time, and although I wanted to thump Grayson on the back of the head a few times, I loved him!! Can't wait to read other books from L.A. Hilden. Bravo!!!!

Reviews London's Quest
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Marbil rated it 5 stars
loved the book. great storyline. it keeps you guessing what is going to happen next.

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London's Quest February 3, 2012
London accidently gets thrown back in time about 150 years. There she meets Declan Devinn. He was a spy in the past for the English government and now he is trying to open a gentlemen's club to support his 5 siblings. When London arrives in a hidden closet of his parlor he is instantly attracted to her and offers her a room at his home. London is automatically accepted by his brother's and sisters and falls in love with Declan. She is arrested and thrown into jail for treason and later is kidnapped by a traitor to the Crown.

You get to see both London and Declan's sides to this story, plus a couple of the supporting characters which I love. So much is going on in the background while London is being held and it was nice to have the other points of view to tell the whole story. It was easy to follow the changes in view as well. I really enjoy time travel books and this one didn't disapoint.

I bought this book because I had won L.A. Hilden's "Born Reckless" from Goodreads First Reads giveaway and really enjoyed her writing. This time travel adventure back to the 1800's has everything to keep you up all night in the 1800's. The humor, romance, and just finding your way from life in 2011 back to the 1800's with all of that times social mores pulls you forward until you reach a most satisfying end. But that's not the end. I just had to get the next book, "Desirea's Escape".

Reviews Desirea's Escape
Published on October 25, 2012 by lahilden | Views: 1679
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Great!!!!! August 13, 2012
I just love this story!!!! I'm only half way through and just love it. I laughed so hard,I can't wait to finish it. Great author!!!!!! Ill be reading all her books!!!!! Keep em coming,there great!!!!!!

I bought Desirea's Escape after having read Hilden's first book in the Destiny Series, "London's Quest". So I pulled another all nighter because this book is even funnier and more romantic. It was well worth being sleepy the next day. Hilden's style is just right as she uses the differences between the social mores of the 19th and 21st century to inject humor into the romance between a 21st century woman and a 19th century Duke. Now where is the next book? I can't wait to find out what happens with Phoebe.