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Published on October 24, 2012 by lahilden | Views: 1741

Marbil rated it 5 stars
loved the book. great storyline. it keeps you guessing what is going to happen next.

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London's Quest February 3, 2012
London accidently gets thrown back in time about 150 years. There she meets Declan Devinn. He was a spy in the past for the English government and now he is trying to open a gentlemen's club to support his 5 siblings. When London arrives in a hidden closet of his parlor he is instantly attracted to her and offers her a room at his home. London is automatically accepted by his brother's and sisters and falls in love with Declan. She is arrested and thrown into jail for treason and later is kidnapped by a traitor to the Crown.

You get to see both London and Declan's sides to this story, plus a couple of the supporting characters which I love. So much is going on in the background while London is being held and it was nice to have the other points of view to tell the whole story. It was easy to follow the changes in view as well. I really enjoy time travel books and this one didn't disapoint.

I bought this book because I had won L.A. Hilden's "Born Reckless" from Goodreads First Reads giveaway and really enjoyed her writing. This time travel adventure back to the 1800's has everything to keep you up all night in the 1800's. The humor, romance, and just finding your way from life in 2011 back to the 1800's with all of that times social mores pulls you forward until you reach a most satisfying end. But that's not the end. I just had to get the next book, "Desirea's Escape".